@ryen Thanks!

For ehm, I think mentioning an ergonomic logitech mouse to someone :blobcatscience:

I got the (cheaper) Trust one and it's noice!

@Mnemonic you got a vertical mouse? I really dig my vertical mouse. feels like I’m shaking hands with all of cyberspace.

@ryen Yes! exactly that feeling! :cyber_heart_sparkle:

But it also helps with getting my posture overall right :blobdoctor:

@Mnemonic @ryen I have a dirt cheap no-name I got when I wanted to see if they'd even work for me. Despite being a loyal fan of the Logitech MX series I just can't go back. The reviews on Logitech's similar offering make it appear that there's a bit to be desired there.

I do wish I could take this concept and make it thicker between my fingers and thumb. I have a horrible habit of squeezing mice and while this improves the angle of my wrist and arm, it does nothing for that.

@SetecAstronomy @Mnemonic I have the MX Vertical and I dig it, but I have no extended use of any other vertical mouse. I was lucky enough to find a store that had demo setups of a bunch of mice and the MX Vertical felt the nicest in my hand.

@ryen @Mnemonic I would love to get my hands on one. Life is just kind of not conducive to that sort of thing right now.

The complaint I saw that was worrying me was that some of the buttons were ill-placed, but now I can't remember if it was left/right or forward/back.

@SetecAstronomy @Mnemonic the back button feels a bit awkward. I have to use the bottom of my thumb's knuckle to push it, but I don't use forward/back so it hasn't been a problem.

@ryen @Mnemonic I like to bind the forward/back to stuff in games and make use of them, plus I use it all the time when browsing. Honestly though, that's about how I push mine now.

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