Thanks all for Watching, tooting, faving and/or boosting!

We learned a lot about cats today :blobcatgoogly:

For staying in sync and providing to many the content: We thank @seven from #OTV (

For coming up with the concept of #WeAreNameless we have to glare at @ella_kane .

Have a good night, and a second viewing is at 09:00UTC!

Don't forget to fill in the etherpad for your timeslots so we can do some maths and figure out perfect viewing times!

:WeAreNameless: #WeAreNameless

BTW, I would very much like to find a dystopian movie (or tv series) where the protagonist is actually prosecuted without fault (but indirectly caused by the flaws in the system, e.g. clerical error) or because they expressed their doubts about the system but had so much blind faith in it that they thought the system would understand them until the system considered traitors.

I watched V for Vendetta and while it was great it wasn't dystopian enough for me. I want a fully fledged 1984-level dystopia - but one where either the system is destroyed at the end, or the protagonist manages to escape and live a life without lies.

Any suggestions?

@seven @ella_kane

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