@fitheach Does the relative success of the vaccination programme in the UK in comparison with the EU affect people's perception of the EU?


@fitheach @mpjgregoire Afaik, its slightly better than in France.
But it would be very hard to do worse, so not sure how much this means.

@Meandres @fitheach The UK has managed to vaccinate almost 40% of its population, the EU about 10%. See ourworldindata.org/covid-vacci

(The US is almost as good as the UK, Canada is worse than the EU.)

I'm surprised this is not well known; this is arguably the most important chart in the world at the moment.

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@fitheach @Meandres Interesting. Maybe the #Tory press talks about it?

It's also true that the UK has had a bad pandemic overall, with high per capita fatalities in comparison with your neighbours; vaunting the vaccination rate would be short-sighted and churlish.

Still there's reason to hope the pandemic will effectively come to an end in the UK in a few months.

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@fitheach @Meandres Terrible indeed. Looking at #OurWorldInData, cumulative per capita deaths, it may yet be that more countries catch up with that sad result.


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