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I've arrived the "need to set up a newsletter" phase of the "replace kodi with plex, share with a friend, share with a couple of other friends, share with a couple more friends, realise that you need a newsletter, move to a massive beefy server in the cloud" process.
I'm hoping to avoid the final stage, if I'm being honest...

Oh dear someone probably needs lessons in how to break bad news via email...

They're making a whole bunch of devices be "legacy" at the end of May. Now, whilst I absolutely do not expect a company to support hardware forever, to make it so that having one device which no longer receives updates means that every device in your system no longer receives updates is, to put it mildly, shitty behaviour.

After the whole recycle-mode debacle, and them killing off Snips late last year ( ) they're really losing their shine to me.

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I've collected all your responses and here's my new preliminary .gitignore_global:

# File Managers

# Backup files

# Temporary files

# Logs

# Databases

# Binaries

# Generated files

## Java

## Python

## Javascript

I can't be the only person who, when a friend posts pictures of the keys to their newly purchased property, has to fight the urge to make a key from the photo and gift it to them as a house-warming gift, can I?

And I'm never sure if refraining from copying their keys without permission is balanced out by not demonstrating the dangers of sharing the keys...

One of my xiaomi zigbee buttons had nothing assigned to the long press in so now it starts playing Barry White on the sonos, and turns the lights red.
I am both classy, and smooth.

I moved my blog from wordpress to jekyll, so I think that means I'm officially hacker now...

I think this weekend is the one where I scrap my ad-hoc config, and redo it "properly".
This realisation is mostly brought to you by me leaving the flat last night, hitting the zigbee button by the door to turn off all the lights and music, and then having to press it again as the hall light came on when I opened the door, because it was after sunset and all of the lights were off...

longish #introductions toot 

I guess I should actually do one of those type toots now that I've found my new fediverse home. I used to be @MatStace in case you want to check out the sorts of nonsense I toot about.

UK based human-shaped computerist (he/him), by day I pay the bills by turning things off and on again (these days redeploying containers and removing old ones), by night I do more computery things, play with the likes of docker/kubernetes/other type things

I'm also mess around with various and things, and have recently started messing around with using , and assembling my stash of kits (, , and )

Watcher of too much tv, reader of not enough books, listener of a reaosnable number of podcasts, lefty, poly, bi, considers the letters SJW a compliment not an insult, happy to use my white-cis-male-privilege to act the snowflake and do my best to call people out when they deserve it.

As a professional computerist, I figure it's only right to make my first post here on an admission that I've just spent two hours trying to get access to some raspberrys pi on my home network, including all sorts of messing around with my firewall.
I fixed this lack of access by not using a shell on my remote VPS.
Yup, I do this stuff for a living too...

A bunch of technomancers in the fediverse. Keep it fairly clean please. This arcology is for all who wash up upon it's digital shore.