@cypnk Only yesterday? It feels like it's been broken much longer than that, says the cynical SysAd ;-)

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Me: I'll take a week off work to do a massive spring-clean/declutter/prepare the flat for selling.
Also me, a man without ADSL or a phone line: "I should keep these seven microfilters, you know, just in case"

@ryen My clock is broken, it's always 13:37 here

@technoid_ you absolute legend, that looks perfect, thank you 🙂

Although, on balance, it looks like I might have to get my hands dirty in some json to set up the funky things I want, but it's a small price to pay, I guess 😉

Henlo fediverse, it's been a while. Happy March 185th.
I return from my MH protecting social media exile with the interesting mission to do silly things on my macbook pro with an additional USB keyboard, namely if I press a key on keyboard 2, how do I convert that into a certain key-combo/string of key presses?

I'm about to get elbow-deep in applescript, aren't I?

Today has been "a day" (noisy construction work outside all day), so I took a ten minute break from work this afternoon and did some internet searching, and turned up the correct incantations to have youtube-dl download things and save them to disk in a plex-friendly naming scheme.
Part of the incantations were some plex plugins to do what I can only assume is magic with the metadata and "suchlike".

This new skill, of course, comes with the added bonus of having to keep an eye on the available space on my NAS, because that is going to vanish, quicksharp, I reckon.

Why am I surprised that clicking through to link my trello account with Atlassian has resulted in me basically losing all of my trello boards...

As my 'long weekend followed by four days off work' plans to get away are obviously out of the window, so I have obviously started researching the current hardware market, because my gaming PC, which I built for a birthday a while back, is now pushing eleven years old, and I want something where the oculus software doesn't shout at me for having an unsupported CPU, or I can play Cities: Skylines and actually see things off on the horizon
This is getting pricey, and fast...

re: Bit of a rant about apple/dark sky, got longer than a short toot, so CW'd it 

@sungo I'm not sure if I expect to see Apple announcing a highly expensive paid-for API in 3...2... or if they really do want to lock it up and gain themselves that "advantage" over everyone else.

Bit of a rant about apple/dark sky, got longer than a short toot, so CW'd it 

Under a week since my annual subscription auto-renewed, and goes and sells themselves to Apple, gives a three month notice that they're pulling the android app, and kills the API too.

I hate acquihires. I doubly hate it when they come with blog posts which have clearly come from the new owner's PR department.

"Our goal has always been to provide the world with the best weather information possible, to help as many people as we can stay dry and safe"

Right, sure, to help as many people as possible, you're removing both the android app *AND* killing the API, so that's both my mobile phone _and_ various integrations/automations.

Gah, this is why we can't have nice things.

I mean, yes, I am well aware that this is me taking out other frustrations on a silly little problem, compared to everything going on right now, but urgh.

Yup, coping well with the UK's lockdown, not even slightly bored ;-)

re: looks like paid endorsement, it isn't, I just like my laptop 

@Anarkat I's love a GPD Pocket, but I'm over-burdened with gadgets and toys at the moment, so it's on the back burner.

I'm actually looking into the SFF desktops at the moment, I like my X220 for cheap good enough laptop (this one cost me £80, plus the SSD that I moved from my old dead one), but it's struggling a bit as a streaming box with doing chroma-key/scene switching things, so I want a small, more powerful box I can hide away under my desk

If there's anything in particular that I'm learning about WFH with extensive video calls, it's that my ancient X220i laptop isn't quite machine enough for my green-screen adventures in making work video calls more entertaining.
And yes, I _am_ looking at small form factor/ultra small form factor refurb'd PCs on ebay, how did you guess?

OK, I'll admit it, the portable green-screen for the back of the chair has definitely made remote working more fun.
More than one colleague so far has been fooled for a moment by the youtube video of a coffee shop that I'm playing the the background, at least until they notice the green halo around me ;-)

@sungo Not so much concerned about all the shit behind me as I am looking forward to all of the exotic and interesting locations that my future google hangouts are going to come from 🌌​

@sungo I'm used to the UK being the poor relative when it comes to VoIP, so I'm definitely pleased to have found the one I did.
Also with the UK area codes, it allows me to _really_ mess with the heads of people who know I live in London 😖​

@sungo I have an account on Andrews & Arnold ( aaisp.net ) which costs me something like £1.20 a month, which is worth it to me for a non-changing, but not my mobile, number

Having had the "from Monday, it's mandatory WFH until further notice, please put your details on this spreadsheet so we can all contact each other if we need to" email, my current new number one priority is to get my VoIP number up and running again, so I don't have to give out my mobile number to $work

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of VPN endpoints suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced, followed by a shitload of sysadmins saying 'oh, sure, it's important *now*. Remember when we said it was? We told you so'"


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