I think this weekend is the one where I scrap my ad-hoc config, and redo it "properly".
This realisation is mostly brought to you by me leaving the flat last night, hitting the zigbee button by the door to turn off all the lights and music, and then having to press it again as the hall light came on when I opened the door, because it was after sunset and all of the lights were off...

re: longish #introductions toot 

longish #introductions toot 

@ella_kane Ooh, I do love a rooftop pool.

Hate it when they leak though :flan_umbrella:

@Agrippa Thank you for the welcome, I look forward to hanging out with a better class of garbage :blobcatgooglytrash:

As a professional computerist, I figure it's only right to make my first post here on hackers.town an admission that I've just spent two hours trying to get access to some raspberrys pi on my home network, including all sorts of messing around with my firewall.
I fixed this lack of access by not using a shell on my remote VPS.
Yup, I do this stuff for a living too...


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