Having had the "from Monday, it's mandatory WFH until further notice, please put your details on this spreadsheet so we can all contact each other if we need to" email, my current new number one priority is to get my VoIP number up and running again, so I don't have to give out my mobile number to $work

@MatStace out of curiosity, which voip provider are you using?

@sungo I have an account on Andrews & Arnold ( ) which costs me something like £1.20 a month, which is worth it to me for a non-changing, but not my mobile, number

@MatStace boo uk only :) I have a skype number via my o365 subscription and have been using that. been pondering voip instead but my local options kinda suck

@sungo I'm used to the UK being the poor relative when it comes to VoIP, so I'm definitely pleased to have found the one I did.
Also with the UK area codes, it allows me to _really_ mess with the heads of people who know I live in London 😖​

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