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Actually at a point of post-move unpacking/sorting that I don't feel bad spending an evening throwing some RF into the sky.
super-antenna coil, military whip, precariously balanced on a ground spike, and 50W on 20m got me a 57 report from S57DX in Slovenia for my first QSO from the new gaff.
Happy with that for a fairly compromised antenna.

I just ordered a storage battery to capture some of that sweet, sweet solar generated electricery which I'm currently pumping back out to the grid, so I guess I'm now 😉​

A lead time of five to six months is perfect for the battery which I want to add to my - because there's no better time to harvest sunshine that November in the UK...

It's 2022, which by some definitions is definitely "the future" where technology is supposed to be all magic and good, so why are punchdown tools so bad?

Is this punishment from the wifi gods for installing physical in my new house?

How many weeks do I wait for a reply to my enquiries about adding battery storage to augment my solar system before I accept a little sick in my mouth and ask for a powerwall quote?
I'd much rather any other battery, because musk, but in the long run I'd rather a distasteful battery than no battery...

The only thing worse than no test equipment is broken test equipment, which is why I wasted half an hour treminating and re-terminating a network cable, have thrown my cable tester in the bin, and am now shopping for a cable tester.

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Further adventures in "naming things is hard", in setting up a "scrape council website, fiddle with data, send to MQTT" node-red flow, I had to come up with MQTT topics.

Which is how I have ended up with 'binday/whichbin' and 'binday/whenbin' 🤷🏻​

Now all I need to do is code up something to make use of a raspberry pi and my 7 colour e-ink display...

Me in the past: "Meh, I can't see the point in a 4K monitor, 1080 or 1440 are fine resolutions"
Me after getting a new job which came with a 32inch 4K monitor: "Okay, fine, I guess I'll have to upgrade every last screen now"

Wait, you mean that running `docker-compose up` on a different host, but against the same network mounted data directories is a bad idea for a database?
That explains a lot...

Slowly starting to emerge back onto the internet after "one hell of a six months".
I can 100% condemn catching covid twice in the three months before you move house.
On the plus side, despite there still being plenty to do, I'm now at the stage of DIY where I'm running ethernet cables, and hooking up wifi relays to the garage door opener, and am loving the peace and quiet of a country village compared to my old flat in the middle of a building site in Bethnal Green.

Finally, as of today, I have done the needful and configured things so that I have native IPv6 on my home internet connection/network. Ah, the future is here... ;-)

The continuing unavailability of the Coral USB Accelerator is closely related to my grump about the availability of the Coral USB Accelerator. Unless I want to pay at least 3x the cost on ebay. Which I don't, obviously.

This isn't entirely unexpected, but I probably should have known better than to back a kickstarter product which relied on a cloud service. have gone bust and turned off the servers, rendering devices pretty much useless.

"Since we are not able to pay for server and maintenance costs, SmartHalo 1 and 2 devices have stopped working properly. For those who have devices, you should know that you can always use the front light and the alarm in offline mode, without the app."

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Me: I'll take a week off work to do a massive spring-clean/declutter/prepare the flat for selling.
Also me, a man without ADSL or a phone line: "I should keep these seven microfilters, you know, just in case"

Henlo fediverse, it's been a while. Happy March 185th.
I return from my MH protecting social media exile with the interesting mission to do silly things on my macbook pro with an additional USB keyboard, namely if I press a key on keyboard 2, how do I convert that into a certain key-combo/string of key presses?

I'm about to get elbow-deep in applescript, aren't I?

Today has been "a day" (noisy construction work outside all day), so I took a ten minute break from work this afternoon and did some internet searching, and turned up the correct incantations to have youtube-dl download things and save them to disk in a plex-friendly naming scheme.
Part of the incantations were some plex plugins to do what I can only assume is magic with the metadata and "suchlike".

This new skill, of course, comes with the added bonus of having to keep an eye on the available space on my NAS, because that is going to vanish, quicksharp, I reckon.

Why am I surprised that clicking through to link my trello account with Atlassian has resulted in me basically losing all of my trello boards...

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