the effects of a dedicated antiandrogen on estrogen levels is more noticeable than its effects on androgens themselves, which is wild. Still, my mean average e levels are solid and I'm looking to tweak the intake a little bit more with some different methods and changes to my morning dietary choices.

I am convinced delaying the onset of coffee by an hour can boost my floating average by about 100 points.

my body rejects the t and embraces a new way. You would not believe the things I see on this side of existing.

@thegibson hey you'd probably have a line on this; a friend of mine is working on some fiction and needs to bounce some radio hypotheticals off someone who knows more about radio communication than I do. Long range stuff, assuming no satellites. SO, HAM enthusiast, or smth. Know anyone?

I am -so- close to having biochemical analytics I can slap on the table like important documents.

slowly inviting more people to fill the streets of hackerston

there's a word I use so infrequently I have a hard time thinking about it but its one that I need to work on a lot to get anywhere.

I just spent a good 2 minutes trying to remember the word discipline.

Cool: analytics
Very cool: personal bioanalytics

I have decided to hack the only thing of any real importance: my own biochemistry

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