Im still confident theres one great game to play and one great story to be told in the medium of automated marketing.

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tfw you want to make an automated email marketing workflow so complicated and with so many dynamic content calls it becomes too terrifying to dismantle. Then fill it with rare engagement flags that start sending increasingly politicized content to push people to the left.

get out of the hackers town escape room hashtag be flighty!

come out to the hackers town octogenarian hackathon hashtag be eighty

come out to the hackers town plague party hashtag be blighty

Here's a comprehensive set of word lists of various configurations that i am sure have little practical value

the effects of a dedicated antiandrogen on estrogen levels is more noticeable than its effects on androgens themselves, which is wild. Still, my mean average e levels are solid and I'm looking to tweak the intake a little bit more with some different methods and changes to my morning dietary choices.

I am convinced delaying the onset of coffee by an hour can boost my floating average by about 100 points.

my body rejects the t and embraces a new way. You would not believe the things I see on this side of existing.

@thegibson hey you'd probably have a line on this; a friend of mine is working on some fiction and needs to bounce some radio hypotheticals off someone who knows more about radio communication than I do. Long range stuff, assuming no satellites. SO, HAM enthusiast, or smth. Know anyone?

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