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0ne in five bosses are monitoring my time-wasting antics WITH my knowledge, BUT they don't know that I know.

However, the bosses seem to be finding my antics humorous, so I continue with the antics.

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Status: Coming to grips with it was just a bunch of flying monkeys blowing smoke up my wazzo about my ebony and ivory finger dancings.

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“Big news! I have a surgery date! I need to make sure I have the cost of surgery paid by my pre op appointment (April 26th)! [...] I am tired of being afraid to leave my house without binding. I am just tired of the pain of binding in general. [...] this will save my life. I want my body to feel like a home. Help me out with that❤️“

Venmo: @Dee-Farries
Cashapp: $pizzafemmeboi

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diy weather monitor 

Did you know that you can predict the weather with a bundle of duck leaves?

Tie them around the stem, and hang them in the garden. Every day you go out and touch them. If they're wet, then its raining.

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In an age of universal dread, to feel hope can seem like a betrayal.

Blame it on the CYBER hindering progress by not allowing of the sharing of the knowledge!!!

Closed-loop recycling of polyethylene-like materials.

Talking polycarbonates and polyesters with a low density of in-chain functional groups.

These in-chain functional groups serve as break points in a polyethylene chain can be recycled chemically by solvolysis with a recovery rate of 96%,

BONUS! The break points do not disturb the crystalline polyethylene structure, which is the desirable material prosperities of the polymer.

F You CYBER!!!
Screw your paywall!

I already paid for the paper copy.
Ever heard of printers with scanners and fascimiles???

You'll never stop me CYBER!!! Bwahahaha!

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TIL potatoes are members of the nightshade family and closely related to tomatoes.

Potato flowers look like tomato flowers except for color - tomato flowers are yellow, but potato flowers are white, lavender, or pink.

Potatoes only go to fruit in cold wet summers. A potato fruit looks like a green cherry tomato, but is highly toxic. Planted potato seeds take years to grow into a plant with edible tubers, which is why they are normally grown asexually by planting the tubers.

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:tlsp: shouting out
:tlsp: other crews
:tlsp: on the scene
:tlsp: in your releases

hip hoppers 🤝 warez crackers
:tlsp: :flan_headphones::flan_hacker:

Repeat after me... 

Butter baby boys

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Refrigerator Senpai... what have I gotten myself into. Tricked me into free giveaway.

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