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0ne in five bosses are monitoring my time-wasting antics WITH my knowledge, BUT they don't know that I know.

However, the bosses seem to be finding my antics humorous, so I continue with the antics.

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Status: Coming to grips with it was just a bunch of flying monkeys blowing smoke up my wazzo about my ebony and ivory finger dancings.

Altering the state of my eggs from soft to hard boiled.

Alright. Nothing good on the tv and nothing on the Internet, I'm going back to books.

Why I don't watch TV... I've spent ~30 trying to find something to watch

Salad in a bag should be more space age than it is. Freeze dried ensalada!

My YT profile is a noble breakfast. YT thinks I'm a man and sends me ads about manscaping my huevos.

Scored a bicycle rack from an old timer who thought I knew a 15 year who hacks. He said if not I should check the inter webs. Lol!

Cheating? Yes I was eating my feelings but was three orange creamsicles ago.

Paul's Law:
You can't fall off the floor.

*jumps on your head, flattening you and making you drop a coin*

Last night when I awoke to make water, the crab fairy left us gift!

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