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startup idea: pay me to twist your dick off

We present CacheOut, a new speculative execution attack that is capable of leaking data from Intel CPUs across many security boundaries. We show that [...] CPUs are still vulnerable.

Moreover, unlike previous MDS issues, we show in our work how an attacker can exploit the CPU's caching mechanisms to select what data to leak, as opposed to waiting for the data to be available. Finally, we empirically demonstrate that CacheOut can violate nearly every hardware-based security domain.

internet costs money because you need loads of people to maintain and operate a ton of shit so that your cat videos can reach every corner of the globe in <1s. that shit uses nearly as much energy as the fucking airline industry. the #pleroma network is a breath of fresh air in a world of mega-corporate silos, but stacking massive piles of kernel, system, networking, and application code on top of each other doesnโ€™t address the fundamental cost of maintaining the internet infrastructure that it depends on.

const char *

An immutable pointer to a byte with an implementation-defined signedness. Can be reasonably expected to point to a byte in the current address space that can be read.

Usually represents a null-terminated string starting from that byte, which may be a suffix substring of a larger null-terminated string. The string is somewhat likely to be UTF-8-encoded.

When passed as an argument to a function, the string can be reasonably assumed to be valid for the scope of the function call.

> so back to the internet cost problem: it is unlikely that a market-based solution to ditch massive and profitable investments in favor of a peer to peer social gossip network will ever happen. this is probably true even if NDN is widely adoped at some point. however, it is certainly possible for a community of high-tech low lifeโ€™s to build a global gossip network that costs next to nothing to operate. this is how we get to post-scarcity. not by creating policies that require free public internet or other resources, but by creating solutions that permanently lower the cost to something that anyone can afford.

You should have received several hundred copies of the GNU General Public License with this distribution. If not, write to Amazon Web Services, Inc., 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210 USA

How to become a specialist in tech jobs:

  1. you have to do something with a tool you donโ€™t know

  2. You hate it instantly

  3. Turns out this tool is driving you mad

  4. You spend 2 weeks fixing this particular tool and learning trough pain

  5. You finally made it work

  6. Congrats, now you are a specialist on something you hate.

For the people in the back:

If you can't accept living at the bottom of the hierarchy in the system you seek to create, you do not deserve to create it.

weโ€™re all just dopamine machines that feel guilty about it

The #MeToo movement didn't come out of nowhere. Neither did the Civil Rights movement, #Stonewall riots, nor the group of disabled people that went up to Washington DC to stop the repeal of the ACA that Republicans tried to push through early during Trump's presidency.

These mass movements never come out of nowhere. They're always a reaction to life-threatening circumstances.

If you live someplace with cops

and you don't see them

yelling at folk on street corners

don't assume

they're not yelling

they've just taken folk

into custody

and are yelling

where it won't

hurt your Sensibilities

This is a paraphrase of a lesson I learned from a Ukrainian I once knew:

democracy is when cops beat people where you can see

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