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I got fonts, I got shareware, and I got CLIP ART.

Not just any clip art. DESIGNER CLIP ART.

25 years ago tonight I met my wife. We went out for fries, which is what we shared when we met.

More than anything, they have succumbed to a mindset where “winning” means earning enough money to insulate themselves from the damage they are creating by earning money in that way.


So, the mayor of Peterborough has no patience for these QAnon shitbags.

Had to take this at a distance, but look at the happiness here.

Too bad she decided to take all that goodwill and use it up by jumping on the counter trying to break into her food bag.

Repeat after me: better technology does not solve the underlying economic or political issues that are the actual cause of a problem.

Cryptocurrencies are the most recent and blatant version of this, but it's not the only one. The Internet itself is another. This is why I think JPB's Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace is so incredibly misguided.

David Rosenthal gets at this about cryptocurrencies and Matthew Green's naive defense of crypto.

I describe it as, I love technology but I hate tech.

If you need to get to CompuServe or AOL, I've got the goods.

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