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Repeat after me: better technology does not solve the underlying economic or political issues that are the actual cause of a problem.

Cryptocurrencies are the most recent and blatant version of this, but it's not the only one. The Internet itself is another. This is why I think JPB's Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace is so incredibly misguided.

David Rosenthal gets at this about cryptocurrencies and Matthew Green's naive defense of crypto.

I describe it as, I love technology but I hate tech.

If you need to get to CompuServe or AOL, I've got the goods.

Opening up sealed packages of modem drivers and such from the 90s. This was in some US Robotics kit.

"Think about current events after catnip? Surely you must be joking."

"It can't be that stupid. You must be explaining it wrong."

Hey fediverse: I have a friend whose business is stuck using Wix as their hosting provider (including mail, apparently) and they need to move off of it. Mail to some clients gets rejected, which is a problem.

I'm not clear on all the details, but the friend is willing to pay for support in migrating away. There is a snag of some form (again, details unclear right now) that has made just dropping Wix a problem. That will likely be the brunt of the work.

For various reasons I can't do it, so if you are up for what is hopefully a small job DM me or email me at the address in my profile. I'll get more details if you're interested.

Blockchain is why I think Web3 is a complete joke, and why I am really perturbed by the Intenet Archive's seeming love of it. The Internet Archive wants decentralization without understanding what it is. They are in love with the term. And that makes me seriously question their leadership.

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