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If you want a complete and total waste of your time, look for stuff about Emacs on YouTube.

I do not want to watch you switch buffers and do whatever for 10+ minutes.

Just heard the Rogan news.

I shall be chuckling for a while at that one.

I think the sound quality issues with Jellyfin were that the volume was ridiculously high in the app.

Hot take: multi-user home computer systems are mostly unnecessary.

Here's a vingette on sound on Linux.

After flailing with Jack for a while, I finally figured out why I couldn't get sound out of the rear speakers because ALSA was defaulting to the HDMI device as the primary device. Edit some arcane file to change that, but still have to pass the device name to programs to get it to work. Fine.

But it won't play on the headphone jack. I try every device and PCM name listed by aplay -L, which is apparently how you get a list of devices. None of them work. But when you run alsamixer, it tells you there are headphones there and the volume is all the way up. Fuck off.

20 fucking years and this still doesn't work.

Uncomfortable fact: people don't give a shit about software freedoms when you make it really hard to actually use them.

Dear open source developers: not all of us want to be programming all the time.

Oh ffs it seems I'm going to have to learn D-Bus internals and Pipewire/Pulseaudio/Jack internals to get goddamn sound working so I can play something through headphones on my server. ALSA seems to have no clue, despite showing the volume to be accessible in the mixer.

What a clusterfuck this is. No wonder Linux on the desktop is a perpetual joke.

Oh, and the sound out of the iPhone was pretty lame. The laptop headphones were so bad that something had to be wrong.

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I listened to some stuff through Jellyfin last night on three different devices: my iPhone, my laptop's headphone jack, and a MOTU M4 hooked up to the same laptop.

The difference was pretty astounding. The M4 sounded the best, but it really seemed like there was some bass missing in the mix. I'm not sure what is happening. I have to try playing through the headphone jack on the server itself since that's something I'm used to hearing.

Memories of loss 

Have to give props to @thegibson for pointing me to Draven's Mixtape. There are two reasons the soundtrack to The Crow means a lot to me.

First, it was a defining movie for my personality and view of the world. Same for more than a few out there, I'm sure.

Second, it was playing when my cat died suddenly a few years ago. It was a rather emotional event and it's hard to forget. Whenever "It Can't Rain All The Time" plays, I tear up a little.

One thing Windows gets wrong compared to macOS, and to some extent Linux, is that it does not make good use of the Windows/Command/Super key.

This has really bothered me in the last few years, because the way macOS uses the Command key is really smart. The Ctrl/Alt combinations on Windows are typically awkward, and with stuff like Windows Terminal, they tned to create conflicts.

I may be at the point where I can actually use Windows Terminal instead of PuTTY. I think the weird colour issues have been resolved.

Some really questionable sound quality coming out of Jellyfin. May need to dig into that.

Tried out Plex and Jellyfin. If I really want to play something on the Apple TV, then I'll set up Plex. For now, Jellyfin will work.

Really annoys me that it relies on a mail server for seemingly on reason.

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