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We came close to getting lost in the woods on our camping trip.

It was glorious.

Both my cats slept beside me on the couch when I was relaxing last night.

They really did miss me.

Every time I reboot my machine I forget just how terrible the GPG ecosystem is.

Dear pinentry/gpg-agent: you suck. I look forward to the day you are gone.

And yes, I read Snow Crash in about an afternoon.

Camping over. It was a good trip. The cats really, really missed us.

Reminder: @TechnicolorRainbow

We're meeting on Thursday, July 15 at 20:00 EDT to discuss Afterwar, by @lilithsaintcrow and Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson.

We'll be meeting on Jitsi.

Weather is looking decent for my camping trip. Leaving reasonably early and we may end up pitching the tent in the rain, but the prediction is a few clear nights, so here's hoping!

Hope everyone has a good week!

Prepping for a week long camping trip. No Internet or online anything. It will be fucking great. I don't even care if it rains the whole time.

I'm just going to uninstall Audacity and leave it for dead.

If you have not seen Mandy, run, don't walk, to wherever you can see it and watch.

I can't remember a more stylish, batshit insane good time in my life.

Got my copy of Snow Crash in time for my camping trip.

Relaxation is coming.

With this new Github Copilot thing, the only thought I keep having is that code quantity is not the problem.

Turning off the F@H client for a while. My office is a tad warm.

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