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I got a Pfizer vaccine and, well, they didn't lie about your arm being a bit sore.

Residential school awfulness 

All Canadians should watch this statement from Murray Sinclair on the recent discovery of a mass grave of children at a former residential school in Kamloops, BC.

I'm no security expert or anything, but this advice has been said for over 20 years and it never sticks. I think we can safely assume it to be a failure.

And anyone who claims this is the answer can probably be ignored in any security discussion.

"The huge power consumption of #Bitcoin is good for the environment: it will push to develop renewable energy".

"Tobacco industry is good for human health: giving cancer pushes to find a cure".

You know it's a good night when you're drinking peach schnapps on the rocks.

The worst part is that I can't reproduce is reliably. All I know is that it has something to do with Esc/Ctrl-g. I think I have to hit it in some magic sequence to take everything down.

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Yay. Emacs crashed. Again.

I don't want to drag out a debug build, but I will if I have to. And I bet it will only marginally help.

I've been using Emacs for nearly 25 years and it has crashed so many times in the last few months that I have to wonder what is going on. I can't recall it crashing before.

I'm not opposed to a nice bit of untethered snacking, in fact I've always had a pretty active sweet tooth, but I really want to know for taxonomy's sake where the line is between "trail mix" and "goddamn bag of candy."

Networking help/advice 

I've got a two Wifi access points, both with the same SSID. One is part of the router, the other connects to the router via Ethernet. I get IP addresses no problem and DNS is fine from both, using AdGuard Home. Browsing is all good.


For some reason, when I'm on the Wifi network from the router I can't get a route to my home server on the 192.168.1.x network. Ping times out. Printing the route suggests it should work, but it doesn't. traceroute tells me all is lost.

It works fine on Ethernet and from the other Wifi network. It started happening when I made the SSIDs the same. This route problem seems to be the only thing that doesn't work.

What should I be looking at? Ideas welcome!

"We know what you did during lockdown". An FT Film written by James Graham

It's a short about algorithms and surveillance. Very Black Mirror...ish

If you're a CS person and have done CS research, you may want to take a peek at one of the weirdest, most self-loving posts I've ever read by a CS researcher.

If you're still on Freenode, it's time to get the hell outta there.

My little Caya has feline stomatitis and needs to have all her teeth removed. I'm betting she will feel better when it's all over!

I really think the rallying cry of the generation after me should be "Let's kill all the economists" as per the similar line in Henry VI. (I mean, don't really kill them...)

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