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Probably best not to listen to what Joe Rogan has to say.

Stayed up late reading 150 pages of The Cuckoo's Egg because I thought I had to finish it by tomorrow. Turns out I was off by a week.

But wow! What a story.

Seeking home network advice 

I have an odd apartment that doesn't get good coverage for my Wifi network. I tried a repeater but it did not work well.

Right now I have two wifi networks, the second of which connects to router/modem via cable. There is some overlap in their coverage, unsurprisingly. We switch networks when we're at opposite ends of the apartment.

What kind of setup or equipment should I be looking for so that I can setup one Wifi network in two different places so they are the same network? Office Wifi does this across multiple rooms so there must be some way. I just don't know what it is I'm looking for.

I think I found the person who wrote this and the first thing that came to mind when I saw his pic was GOB.

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Many professors teach 15 hours a week with five months’ vacation.

Tryin got figure out the dynamic of The Globe and this troll here.

Not that I was ever planning on it, but you can count Basecamp off my list of places I'd ever consider working.

Starting in on The Cuckoo's Egg and man, it starts great.

If you're into academic computer texts...

I finished "Software Design for Flexibility" and was totally unimpressed.

Do not spend money on it.

Sipping a Gibson (gin and vermouth) because it's that kind of evening.

Say what you want about Signal, that Cellebrite thing is a work of art.

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