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All signs point to another lockdown here in Ontario.

It's the right move and there's no way it had to happen.

Reminder: Book club discussion for Cryptonomicon is tomorrow, Apr. 1, 20:00 EDT on Jitsi.

Be there or Detachment 2702 and Bobby Shaftoe may have to make a surprise visit! ;)


This GCC mailing list discussion is making it clear who's a jackass and who isn't.

RMS/FSF gunk 

Love this from the GCC mailing list:

I've been asking myself what benefit GCC gets from being linked to GNU and all I can think of is the DNS records for

GCC getting away from GNU sounds like a good idea. It won't happen, but really, I don't know what GNU does for it either.

Plain text hack/Twitter link 

So delicious. Encoding an avatar in the email field of a Git commit.

Reminder: The @TechnicolorRainbow book club is meeting Thursday, Apr. 1, 20:00 EDT to discuss Neal Stephenson's novel Cryptonomicon.

Don't let the date fool you: it's not a joke!

We'll be meeting on Jitsi:

If you plan on attending, please us know (you can reply to this message). If the turnout is going to be large-ish, we'll have to run the meeting more carefully than previous iterations. :)

Coming right out and saying it clear: cryptocurrencies are a blight on humanity (specifically proof of work) and blockchain is an interesting, mostly useless technology.

(FYI: Posted this on the birdsite, too.)

FreeBSD is looking like a helluva mess right now.

I used it for a few years and I did not find it to be a good desktop OS. Didn't mind it as home server (no public access). I might use it again, but probably not.

"In the background, these are what the hacker-cracker folks that are really pissed about this are working on," Hunt said during one of the seminars, noting that he hopes they will succeed.

Hey peeps, I finished Cryptonomicon so you can too!

It's funny how, when you have less than 100 pages to go in a huge book, it really doesn't seem like very much.

91% Cryptomonicon levels. Crossed the Rubicon now.

"I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it."

Alright. 80% finished Cryptonomicon. In the home stretch.

Okay, updated my Pinboard account. I'm an old-timer convert.

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