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Trying to compile the compiler Small C with other C compilers from the DOS era and it's a shitshow.

Surely linked by someone I follow at some point, but so worth reading that I'll post it anyway.

Reset: Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society

The 2020 CBC Massey Lectures. How did I just find out about this?

re: 2FA fuckery 

Oh, and when I wrote them a message about it, I got this error.

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re: 2FA fuckery 

I wrote them about this because, well, how can you let this one go?

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2FA fuckery 

I have stuff on E-Trade from work. The site has 2FA so I enabled it. I had to use the VIP Access app from Symantec for the TOTP code stuff and can't use another app or a Yubikey, so :blobcsignwtf:​ but whatever.

Here's the login flow:

To log on in the future, add the six-digit access code generated by your authentication device to the end of your password with no space in between.

Yeah. For real.

Even better, I found out that if your password length is MAXSIZE - 5 you can't login!

I had to change my password to be MAXSIZE - 6 in order to get access.

I almost don't wanna know what that code is like behind the scenes.

"Enable 2FA" -- Yes please!

"Download our VIP app" -- ugh

Carefully scolding a relative who decided to travel out of the country for reasons I'll probably never understand.

It's frightening how much I agree with this article.

COVID-19 has also forced us to recognize the importance of low-paid workers to a functioning society. If we don’t hike wages for essential workers (and not just temporarily), make benefits such as paid sick days mandatory, find ways to extend employment insurance benefits to the gig workers and the self-employed, and improve the work environment more generally, we will have workplace issues that extend well beyond the pandemic.

Setting bookmarks in PDF scans of Dr. Dobb's Journals from 1976-1990, as one does.

Reading them as I go. Gonna take a while.

WW84: I liked the themes, overall good, but lacking in emotional impact. Solid 2.5 stars (ouf of 4).

A-ha! Figured out the bookmark weirdness in my PDF adventure.

Turns out the file I want to annotate is set to "no changes allowed" but Acrobat ignored that. I turned on some warning setting in PDF-XChange and it then asked me if I wanted to enable editing and so it did.

PDF is definitely some wonky shit sometimes.


Descriptions of Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Mail as ‘modern’ leads to questions over whether text was copied and pasted

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