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Online voting infosec thing 

Any good reports on the pros and cons of online voting, even idealistlic, working online voting systems?

I have a friend who is convinced online is better, but I'm quite sure that it's the institutions around it that are the problem. Looking for arguments/evidence.

“America’s Next Authoritarian Will Be Much More Competent
Trump was ineffective and easily beaten. A future strongman won’t be.”

Trump Proved That Authoritarians Can Get Elected in America - The Atlantic

This is a problem with supporters who are gleefully unaware, willfully supportive, sadly in denial, or just resigned that the “ends justify the means.” Add enough of them up, and they make a strong coalition.

Politcal-ish, more infosec really 

Now getting the "with online voting these would be counted already", uh, "arguments".

Look, I'm no infosec specialist but 20 years ago I was pretty sure that online/electronic voting was a huge hurdle because of coersion, let alone the number of ways you can intercept a vote.

Yes, the votes would be counted. But could you trust them? Probably a helluva lot less.

Honestly, the slowness of this kind of thing is practically a feature.

Bandcamp Friday and I'm not having much luck finding stuff I want to listen to.

And also, easily the most insane football game of all time, John Taylor v. Plano East.

Even if you don't know the rules of football, just listen to the announcers.

And the ending...

The game was so insane there was a mini documentary made about it 20 years later.

The other night when my stomach issues caused me to stay awake for an absurd amount of time, I rewatched my favourite NFL clip of all time.

Even my wife thought it was amusing. So if you're not into sportsball, give it a chance.


Took them long enough to finally fucking say it.


It's a bad scene when even Fox News is starting to question the orange julius team.

I'm fairly certain I'm about to have a conversation with a bot via email, but we'll see.

Anyone have a reference I can cite that discusses the usefulness of password rules? Here are the rules that are being enforced.

  1. At least 8 characters long
  2. Must contain at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number, and 1 special character (ex. *, !, @)
  3. Cannot contain 3 or more repeating letters or numbers (ex. Gr333n! is not accepted)

This is going in the "to read" queue.

"Environmental impact assessment of online advertising"


I recommend not reading any pundits or editorial pieces until after the votes are counted. You will feel better.

Except Sarah Kendzior. She knows what she's talking about.

Polish POL / USPOL 

If the US has a bad day, it may be time to for some of you emulate what's going on in Poland.

Gemini hot take 

I don't think Gemini is very good. I think it rejects too many useful things in the misguided idea that minimalism is the pinnacle of computing.

Face it: Gopher sucks. It's fun for a lark, but as a document mechanism it's awful. Using it as an inspiration is faceplanting yourself in the starting block.

If the idea is to reject the madness that is the modern web, maybe look at HTML 3 (and not supporting JS) as a way of communicating documents. CSS is a decent and useful. HTML is also good. What is essentially TLS on a slightly enhanced Gopher protocol isn't.

PGP/GPG kvetching 

Just to be clear, I'm all for encryption. I just think that the PGP/GPG ecosystem is so bad at it that my life will be better off not using it.

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