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I watched "Raised by Wolves" and boy oh boy I wanted to like it, but couldn't. The storytelling and mystery were just too maddening.

Also, hard to care about the characters.

I had a nap when I got home from two days away and the cats just stayed with me the whole time.

Never have I had cats that were so bonded with me. Now I'll feel bad if I leave...

Camping experience 

Overall, I'd rate is 6/10. Scenery was lovely, it was (mostly) relaxing, and I love just hanging out with my wife. Our sleeping setup worked well and the skies were clear!

I got to look at some pretty dark skies. M31 filled the view on my 15x70 binocs and I could see M32 to boot. Pleiades was visible and my wife was quite taken with it. Mars was incredibly bright.

Sadly, the site was nice but near a train track, which ran all day and night. It was very loud. And out tent was messed up from the people we loaned it to earlier: we had the wrong tent poles so it sagged horribly. I didn't sleep well, but I was warm, at least.

We're getting ready for next year, because off season camping is our thing now.

Camping weekend. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to the Fediverse!

While the modern web drives me nuts, there are glimmers of hope.

I contacted Steve Ness at about the picture of the manual he has on his for the Let's C C compiler. It was the only decent reference I could find. I asked if he had an ISBN that he could share so I could try to find a copy.

Well wouldn't you know, he had the source for the manual and generated PDFs for me! They aren't complete (not everything worked) but now I have PDF copies of what is pretty much the book I wanted.

He went wayyy beyond what I was hoping and was super nice. So there is good in the world.

@loke I did the LLVM Dev Meeting online and it was decent. The BoF sessions were good, as were the round table discussions. There was a coffee break thing that I didn't use, but I heard it was okay.

I really appreciate the face-to-face talks too, but the travel is excessive.

If the pandemic can do one thing, maybe it will make more conferences virtual.

Ever try to write something even remotely substatial in assembler? It's pretty tedious.

All the fly talk and I'm thinking of this old cumulative.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly

I don't know why she swallowed a fly - Perhaps she'll die!

My wife spent some time after school getting a gift card for a student because their family basically had no food and may not have a place to live soon. We're trying to figure out what else we can do to help them.

It was emotionally draining for her, but she's an awesome teacher and I'm proud of her.

It's also why I get really pissed when I hear people telling me that teachers have it easy.

Lady Caya awakens from her slumber undes the blanket all day, ready for nibbles.

Got in touch with someone who used to work for the company that made the Let's C C compiler for DOS. I might be able to get a manual!

There's a certain Zen-ness to transcribing programs, even if the program has horrible formatting.

Huston noted that humans are social animals and that internet pioneers had recognised their ability to change the way society communicated. In doing so, they also recognised that this could change the nature of human society, but they simply didn't take this to heart, he said.

Oh, and I don't think the online education thing is going to be the future some really thought it was going to be.

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