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Anyone know if it's possible to rename a directory in MS-DOS 3.30?

I'm not having any luck with the rename command, and the documentation I can find suggests it isn't possible, but I may be missing something.

If I can't so be it.

Okay, so the Rock64 is up and running, booting off of eMMC.

Now comes the hard part: getting it to fit in the place I want to put it.

For having such a large community, the Pine64/Rock64 wiki is a big mess.

Slackware on the Rock64 boots but nothing shows up on the HDMI output. Armbian works, so I'll use that for now.

Armbian's setup is kind of annoying.

I just realized I don't have an SD card reader for my server.

Imaging for the Rock64 will be done on Windows, then.

Scrubbin' the zpools, then backing everything up. Then I'll tinker with the Rock64.

Kickin' back for the long weekend!

Not from the Marvel Multiverse but, #Inconceivable!
👰🏼🏴‍☠️⚔️. With Cast Q&A by Patton Oswalt!

"Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Federal Account — Donate via ActBlue"

When I went buy some hardware yesterday the service guy was really friendly, even getting me a mounting screw for the M.2 drive I bought. But it seemed to escape him that I was not building a machine for gaming.

Just got a message thanking me for the Apple ][.

I appreciate the sentiment, but sadly, it's directed at the wrong person. 😀​

So my Rock64 project is going to be more difficult than I thought.

Will be a fun challenge. :)

Went with some non-ECC RAM for the time being and the machine is back up. Added a 1TB M2 drive while I was at it and got rid of the non-working DVD-RW drive.

Not sure Linux likes the on-board GPU, but it's headless for the time being so it's not a serious concern.

Seems like it's working. Yay!

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