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Western Civilization is humanity’s crowning achievement, and America is the centerpiece diamond.

You see, those of us from the outside recognize this as cult-like behaviour.

Experiment complete.

I don't think running F@H is having a significant impact on the temperature in my office.

It's just hot out.

Performing an experiment here, so my server is down for the night.

Will keep folding tomorrow!

Does anyone really use the term "dark web" in their work?

Infosec folks: can you translate this PR speak for me? I have an idea, but, well, I'd rather hear from those more knowledgable.

The company has also hired a forensic IP provider to monitor the internet and dark web for any signs of the breached data.

Good times! Alma mater's customer relations database was breached.

Anyone know anything about Blackbaud? They used that service which was held for randsomware and subsequently paid off.

Dammit. My astronomy outing was a total mess tonight.

How in the hell did I not have SSHFS for Windows until now?

Now that I have the audio working, I have to say that the headless setup with X2Go is pretty good.

So WSL2 is a disappointment so far.

Interoperating with Windows basically sucks. By itself, WSL2 is okay and faster than WSL1. But the I/O speeds of accessing Windows drives is abysmal.

If there's a "right" way to do the audio thing, systemd/logind/polkit/pam/whatever make it too difficult if not impossible to figure out. This is its serious design flaw that I don't think can be fixed.

The solution for now:

sudo setfacl -m u:woz:rw /dev/snd/*


systemctl --user restart pulseaudio

I will have to do that on a per-session basis, but that's fine since I plan on keeping sessions around for the long term.

FOSS doesn't need more code. It needs more coherent and useful documentation.

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