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TFW you come up with a hypothesis to explain weird behaviour in the code and it just makes sense. And it took a week to get to that point.


You haven't tested it yet.

Ah right. I don't have an H.T sticker, I have an H.T patch.

I've never been a stickers on my laptop kind of person, but the case is sufficiently scuffed up that I may be changing my stance.

I think I'll max this new rig out with 64 GB of ECC RAM, but I'll do that after I get the CPU/board combo.

Happily, what I'm getting (when it's available) should be a drop-in replacement from what I already have.

I gave bitmap fonts an honest try, but I just can't get past how bad they look. Terminus almost looks good. I could use it if I had to.

Had to sit through on online training course for US global export policies for some reason I don't understand today.

The greatest part about it was the computer reading the text and spelling out complicated URLs. I've never laughed so hard at a large hash value before.

I love Emacs but dear god Elisp is on the dark timeline of Lisps.

I never found Star Slate Codex to be much of anything except a wall of text.

Some very good points in this article about how unfair it is to push privacy solely as a personal choice. "This very neoliberal notion of personal agency ... being asked to resist ... only punishes those of us struggling to preserve our privacy".

It's something I've wondered about a lot, about what the ideal way is to combat surveillance capitalism. The EU's GDPR has done the world a great good, but, as the article points out, regulation can only go so far.

My initial reaction is to say that the problem is the profitability of personal data. If (accidental) data leaks are met with profoundly high fines, I think eventually you would reach a point where personal data is just too high a liability to keep. Fines have a similar problem to regulations, though, which is jurisdiction....

Any thoughts on ECC memory? #lazyweb

I figure if I can, I might as well. I'm running ZFS so why not try to keep the data integrity.

Remember: I don't use my system for gaming.

OMG. I thought mainboards were bad. Now I'm looking at memory.

Not sure why it needs so many LEDs.

The mainboard is some goofy design gaming board, but it has all the right stuff.

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Good news: found a mainboard that can replace my existing one with the same connectors.

Bad news: it's not available yet.

For you CompSci types, were you aware that Andrew Tanenbaum has a cookbook?

You can't really appreciate it without reading some of the recipes.

I recommend checking out the Baked Lasagna recipe, to start.

After a few months, the Ryzen update just may be happening.

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