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If you want to see an amazing documentary, check out The Staircase.

An utterly compelling piece of work. I've never been so enthralled by a series.

And whatever you do, don't look up anything about it and don't read ahead.

I will say the documentation is pretty good, though.

I mean, DOS and its variants aren't awesome, but CP/M is its own level of weird.

If anyone remembers CP/M being nice to use... they are wrong.

Was this a bit shady? Maybe, but fuck Doordash. Note: I did confirm with my friend that he was okay with me writing this, and we both agreed, fuck Doordash.

I know it's a Covid-19 cliche, but making your own bread is pretty damn awesome.

It's terrible that someone died and I feel sad about it, but at the same time I fail to see how the Snowbirds flying overhead is at all inspirational.

I say this as someone who thinks the Snowbirds are a cool thing.

Well, I got the CP/M emulator up and running. Tomorrow's job will be to figure out how to use it...

Rare selfie, but with feline interference. (We slept in. I have bedhead but Caya needed playtime.)

"If you have a company and you can't explain in one sentence... what it does... it's illegal!"

Friendly reminder from MS Teams on your ability to click through a wizard.

Going through some images and came across a tech support one from work that had me wondering just what the point was.

yeah I think I was mistaken, and I"m convinced you're not a troll

Welp, no need to scroll through that IRC history.

Is Shotwell a decent photo manager? Asking for a friend.

That friend is me.

IBM/PC software in an ad from 1984.

I can't imagine it was all that great.

Been squirreled away for a couple of days, but I'm poking my head out to post a pic of my cat that died two years ago, unexpectedly. Here she is trying to be friends with our old man cat at the time. She loved him. He was okay with her. :)

Also, her at about 8 weeks old. (She was a gift from my sister who rescued her mom and found homes for all the kittens.)

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