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What has really vexed Jespersen is that she’s been unable to get it taken down. Since she discovered the Page in 2015, she’s reported it several times — but Facebook has said it isn’t in violation of its community standards (Facebook removed the Page after this article was published).

What a piece of shit company. Do nothing for 4 years, then take it down when it gets press. How many other people have to go through this crap?

Trying to think of stuff for #TechicolorRainbow but a lot of what I come up with is both non-fiction and probably wouldn't produce a lot of discussion that isn't already happening.

Maybe it's time to dig into some classics.

Maybe save Cryptonomicon for March Break or something. It's a bit of a tome and I have a feeling it hasn't aged well. #TechicolorRainbow

I love that I can ask a question here and get helpful answers.

Thanks to all who gave me some tips on the stone/rock/mineral dice sets.

#TechnicolorRainbow cDc book 

Anyone know of a place that makes D&D dice made out of rock and/or minerals? Looking for geologically themed dice as a gift for a friend.

Finished the cDc book for #TechicolorRainbow and I liked it. Working on a short review, but will post it on my gopher site, since that seems appropriate.

#TechnicolorRainbow cDc 

Not cyberpunk, but if you want to see a good movie, check out The Farewell.

Star Trek: Picard 

Checking fedi while I wait for logs to download. As you do.

Time to curl up with the cDc book before falling asleep.

Cheers to Fastmail for answering my question about their TLS certificate promptly via Twitter.

Jeers to them getting my name wrong.

Hey, does Mastodon generally strip metadata from uploaded media? I know it's not safe to assume, so I strip it myself, but if it does by default that's cool.

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