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Giving some idle thought to the idea of auto-deleting things in online environments.

There's no need to remember everything.

Always fun to see the SV types weigh in on geo-politcal issues.

You know you've got a show on your Twitter feed when it starts showing retweets of John McAfee's stuff.

But you know the old aphorism: those who don’t learn from history are condemned to network their way into well-connected luxury and clout.

Hey, to all our Fedinauts in , we're thinking of you. I hope you're safe.

I admit to being partial to something to help with koalas.

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Is there a recommended organization I should donate to help with the aftermath or the fighting of the Australian wildfires?

OMFG. It looks like this HR service work makes me use has case insensitive passwords.

Had to put in a little bit of work today. Happy to see the number of emails in the last two weeks was low.

Say what you want about MBPros, the battery life has been pretty impressive so far after two and a half years of use.

Is there a good reason to not do a HTTP -> HTTPS redirect on a site? Is it some MITM thing?

$WORK password reset site doesn't do it and it's one of a few things about it that's kind of annoying.

OH: Oh, "dex" not "dicks". That changes things. #D&D

@TechnicolorRainbow Ordered! I feel I should own this. Besides, local library system doesn't have it.

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@TechnicolorRainbow Now seeking out a copy of CotDC. Totally looking forward to it.

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