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Also, progressing with the whole Colemak thing.

Family advice 

"While colleges have used data for many years to decide which regions and high schools to target their recruiting, the latest tools let administrators build rich profiles on individual students and quickly determine whether they have enough family income to help the school meet revenue goals."

"Militarism and unbridled capitalism remain among the most powerful forces in the United States, and to my mind, there is no reason to believe that a new generation of techies might resist them any more effectively than the previous ones."

Leader of the PPC, Maxime Bernier (right wing) lost his seat (he switched parties).

Also running in his riding... Maxime Bernier of the Rhino Party.

Keep in mind there's a lot of votes uncounted yet, if you find the numbers low.

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The Liberals, Bloc, NDP, and Greens are left-leaning. That's nearly 66% of the vote.

Looks like Canada is going to get a Liberal minority government. This is basically good.

I've used Emacs for more than 20 years and I'm doing the tutorial again to learn the new keyboard layout.

GNU Typist isn't really all that great, to be honest.

Did the Colemak thing for work today. Tough. But getting better. Still slow. Smoother, though.

Doing about 15 words a minute on Colemak home row only. Feel pretty good about it, for the most part. Getting used to the 'e' and 's' has been the toughest part.

Now at the confidence level to type on social media. ;)

Colemak training is going well. As is learning the Ergodox.

Slow, but getting better.

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