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@sungo What is the link to that Git home directory approach that you posted a while back?

Oh man, of course the one Twitter account I follow that is into "blockchain all the things" also finds Burning Man to be a significant cultural event.

I got a Yoga Kittens calendar at Christmas and I hung it near my desk. It's a weird thing to have on your wall.

Look, I get that configuration formats are a minefield and that one day we'll look back on JSON and YAML and realize what a mistake they were for any kind of configs, but let's remember that termcap config is pretty fucking terrible.

Also, GNU Global deciding to follow that model is almost unforgivable.

407, toll routes, and privatization #cndPoli 

"Demdex provides audience management solutions for powering dynamic, multi-channel data strategies online."

That you use so many words to express no actual content tells me everything I need to know.

2FA? Yes please.

Plethora of 2FA apps? No thanks.

(And yes, one service I use forces me to use Google Authenticator.)

This is what we call "Haba face" around here. The cutest little terror cat.

My wife is a high school teacher. She hates policing dress codes and finds it to be a waste of time.

The extremes parents get upset about never happen. Kids quickly learn the social boundaries of choosing how to look. And for younger kids, it's almost always the parents buying the clothes.

And the complaint about "looking correct for work", well, lots of places have a dress code that is pretty clear when you start or are hired there. Dressing for school didn't teach me much about dressing for work.

Fitbit pre-crime dystopia; Strong language 

"The FBI and security researchers say paying ransoms contributes to the profitability and spread of cybercrime and in some cases may ultimately be funding terrorist regimes. But for insurers, it makes financial sense..."

I'm convinced the MBA is the most destructive degree.

As Disney acquires all the things, my dislike of them is coalescing into the emotional equivalent of a diamond.

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