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"Please note the new account creation is a monthly process and an email with password creation instructions will be emailed in the first two weeks of the month following your request."

Oh come on...

I am now going through the 10 years of references I've downloaded and making a BibTeX database for it all.

Pray for mojo.

Omg, the copy on coffee substitute/alternative sites is atrocious. Reading sales-speak for anything organic is maddening. Were I to believe it, I'm pretty sure I'd be convinced that everything I consume will turn me into the creature from the black lagoon.

Also it was Hamilton tickets so of course they were all gone by the time I got in.

I have discovered that caffeine is my digestive enemy.

On to trying various coffee substitutes. And no more soft drinks. experience has ended. Back to iTerm.

I actually noticed how much slower is (not a lot, but I noticed it), the font rendering is a little wonky, and most importantly, there is no keyboard shortcuts for profiles.

Thinking I'm going to try for a while instead of iTerm. Doubt it will last, but I figured I'd like experience behind me so I can provide a coherent answer to, "What's wrong with"

And I have to call them because in order to use the chat my IBM Cloud account has to work.


IBM support has asked me to "escalate the issue". Here's how that's going to go. (Since I'm not paying for anything, I'm "basic".)

By the way, I'm bitching about IBM because I'm trying to get rid of my IBM Cloud account, which is emailing me about an expired credit card. I got the account when I worked at IBM and it won't seem to die. It's been 2 years since I worked there. It does not need to exist.

Well, support is probably better if you decide to fork over six figures.

AVOID IBM PRODUCTS, even if you're just trying them out.

Worst. Support. Ever.

The thing about version control on dotfiles for me that I realized today is that history means nothing. It's more about what's changed.

The thing @sungo linked earlier might be okay.

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