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The Orville and :Trek: opinions (thread, sorry) 

Wife's Instagram account notified her of an suspicious login (from Russia, so yeah). She didn't even know she had it. This was just before we were going to go to sleep. So we didn't.

I got to walk her through the steps in dealing with this and explained the basics. We deleted her account and have a good guess how it was compromised thanks to Firefox Monitor. She's now aware that she needs to change other passwords and may appreciate 1Password a bit more.

I was proud of her because she was highly suspicious of the email asking her to change her password. It was legit, but she was all like, "I'm not clicking on that!"

Also, I found a good place to setup my rig that's not too far away. Score!

Good, but brief, outing for stargazing. Got to know the names and positions of Arcturus, Spica, Vega, Deneb, and Altair. That covers enough sky and gives me enough choices for a decent alignment.

One thing I didn't mention from my astronomy night out the other day was the mild sass I got for having a astrophotography mount. (A computerized equitorial mount.)

Such a mount requires a lot of setup. The "grab and go" mounts (alt-azimuth) are much simpler. In discussions with most other people that brought out a scope, they didn't hesitate to tell me (in a friendly way) that they didn't want to go with that sort of thing because it's too complicated or it doesn't teach you how to find things.

Aside from the fact that I intend on learning where things are (and not just using the mount's computer to do all the work), I have a feeling there was some inferiority complex going on. I certainly wasn't there to show anyone up. In fact, one guy showed me how to do everything -- and it was great!

I guess people will be people.

Tonight's a "refresh your knowledge of the stars" night since I don't have a car to lug around my gear. Need to learn to identify a few key stars so I can align the mount properly.

My wife is practicing reading the names for graduation and it's just so cute.

It's kind of cool that I can practice polar alignment of my telescope in my apartment. With the right placement, I can just get Polaris in the polar scope.

Now, about those thunderstorms...

Good lord, the iPhone can't show seconds on the clock.


Tonic water is one of those things you don't understand until you're an adult.

She loves the scratching couch we got them. It's where she sleeps now.

So that horrible looking lens? Images through it are still okay.

Best code is the code you don't have to write!

So yeah, I'm kind of really liking this astronomy thing now.

By the way, if you ever want to get into backyard astronomy, join a local club. The people who have been doing it for 30+ years are rife with wisdom.

I may be at a point of no return: if I open that housing to clean the inside (which is where the dirt lies), I may not be able to put it back together properly.

Challenge accepted!

Got my hands on my old 60mm Tasco refractor that I used when I was a kid. Attempting to clean the lens.

It is.... a challenge.

Had a great time tonight out with the telescope. No pictures but I did learn how to properly align everything. Quite the learning experience.

And I managed to get a good look at Jupiter, this time with higher magnification, and using the scope to jump to the location (even though I knew where it was).

Still love it. Looking forward to our upcoming vacation at a dark sky preserve.

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