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Roller coasters were fun. It was a good day.

Also, today it was made clear I am no longer a young man.

How to relax, exhibit A: lay down on top of the bookshelf and stretch out.

The lighting is bad here, but I had to get the shot before I missed the moment. Here's Cayenne grooming her sister when both of them are really drowsy.

Play last night was fun. My wife wasn't keen on the theme (it involved a lot of people lying to each other), but the whole thing was pretty solid. Also, there was a rotary phone involved!

There was an obvious ad lib moment that was pretty funny to boot.

The best part was talking to our friend afterwards, who was also a producer. She said the genesis of the play was, "we just wanted to put on a play". Love it! Hacker-ish mentality for the arts: just do it because it's fun.

Going to the local theatre tonight to a play starring a friend of mine.

Support local arts, folks!

New US visa online application now requires you to enter all your social media presences when you apply for a visa:

Why must sites make copying text so difficult?

Recent changes to The Globe and Mail's site make it so that copying the headlines on the front page is a massive chore.

It only contributes to the screenshot culture for plain text.

If you don't like creepy-crawlies, then you're going to hate this story, especially the picture of the enforcement officer with a handful of leeches.

Listening to a more recent NIN album. Still works for me.

I'm reading through some UNIVAC manuals. This is programming in the 1950s.

@gamehawk Yessss, you understand my needs!

In return, may I offer this photo of a dumpster fire on rails?

(Original source is Mansfield Police Department; link via although it now has a broken embed.)

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