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"In banking, it's inconceivable that in the future we'll be making financial decisions in the way we do today. We're making decisions about people based on less than 5% of the information about them," said Asim Khwaja, a professor of international finance and development at the Harvard Kennedy School who has studied alternative credit scoring in the developing world. "There's a lot of excitement in this field."

Burn it down.

"A search party struggled to find the body but eventually found a human skull and a pair of trousers on Thursday."

I can't remember if this was posted on here already, but it's both bad news for Facebook and another data point for algorithmic advertising being total shit, so here you go.

Daily chuckle: achievement unlocked.

"I’m building something very powerful. The goal is long term asset protection."


"The asset we will produce is Bitcoin but you’ve already guessed as much."

Just remember: "Help you discover" is more about monetizing your data than anything else.

Where is the "Die in a Fire" button on the "Sign up for our newsletter!" pop-ups?

@thegibson Also, can I download the episode somewhere? I can't find an option on Soundcloud to get it. (Maybe I have to have an account?)

@thegibson I checked and that variation is open. (Yes, I'm listening to The Mainframe episode.)

Maybe the cache is sticky, but I'm kind of digging the new logo.

"The web platform has evolved to something really great, and I love being part of it."

Let's just agree to disagree on that one.

Yay! Xapian/Omega setup is working well enough that I can search my ever-growing collection of PDFs.

Research project step 0 complete. Lots more to go...

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