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Astronomy software impressions.

Good: lots of it is free. Yay!

Bad: nearly all of it looks like it was designed for Windows 3.1.

Just to be clear, I have no idea what everyone is on about with this law enforcement stuff.

I missed something but I'm not going to scroll back far enough to figure it out. Something tells me it doesn't matter.

inside every great idea is a finished product that nobody wants to maintain

The weather this week, though, is not going to cooperate.

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Has a post on social media cost you a job — or made you think twice about an applicant? NPR wants to hear your story.

Getting back to the point where I don't want to pulvarize my computer and everything associated with it.

It's "remove the option and build to see if it matters" time.

"Bring your own smartphone, tablet or laptop and learn how to use it with help from a teen volunteer."

"Discrimination is the opposite of crimination."

Students learning English say amusing things.

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