@FssOfDeath I'm in Montreal. First time I've experienced this too, although I don't travel that much.

@ella_kane @sungo @kemonine I hope you get a wheelchair that makes a difference for you. Good luck!

So work VPN is a nightmare here at the hotel. Drops every minute or two.

Looks like the hotel is fucking with VPN traffic. I'm using TunnelBear (don't judge) and I had to turn on "GhostBear" (probably some kind of traffic hiding) in order for the connection to be stable.

Keep in mind I know very little about VPNs and how they work, aside from the basic concepts.

@ella_kane @sungo @djsundog @kemonine @thegibson Well, I gotta sleep 'cause I gotta catch a flight in the morning, but I'll be checking back later.

@gamehawk Craft store stuff I get. In this case, I can forgive it since it was an art supply store and making things takes time.

Still, I'm not conditioned to see Christmas trees until December, even though I have to put up with them in November. ;)

@gamehawk I saw Christmas trees and decorations in an art store on the weekend. Admittedly, it looked like it was stock that they were just keeping out in the store, but damn, I was almost yelping with outrage when I saw Christmas trees in September.

@thegibson I look forward to wearing it when I go out for lunch.

I agreed (with my wife) to retire one of my other hoodies to get this one.

@sungo Wife: Is that cheese?

Me: No, I'm pretty sure that's a 3D printer.

Wife (disappointed): If it were cheese, it would be really cool.

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