@varchs I don't have a motherboard for it yet, so I haven't set it up.

I'll be running Linux, which supports it, as far as I know.

re: food 

Ticketmaster deleted my account like I asked, but never told me.

At least it's gone.

Save me, I have to call IBM support on Monday to deal with credit card info they think I need to update.

@rafial Looking either like it's on the route to something really good or suffering from something really bad.

Weather is not going to be favourable for the rest of my vacation which is just as well since this getting up at 3am or staying up night thing has completely messed with my sleep schedule.

Happily, the clouds didn't get too bad so after a while I was able to see Comet NEOWISE again.

I stayed up all night for that. I think I get some kind of astronomy badge for that, right?

Weather is not cooperating, so my comet viewing is not going well. Boo.

Staying up in the hopes to see the comet again. Hoping the weather clears up.

Of course the clouds are picking up the night I want to go out for some observing.

Hopefully they dissipate by midnight.

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