@susannah I've gone to offline to get anything but old and hard to find stuff.

@thurloat I wanted to "Favourite" this but I felt if I did, I'd be encouraging you not to say anything ever. :)

@devrandom This was meant to be a "Now What?" remark. It did not turn out that well...

It's too bad that Audacity has some.... really strange quirks.

Initial experiments prove the Bass Rolloff setting on this mic are not good for recording my voice.

@susannah I think Powells is not an Amazon affiliate.

I do wonder how many small bookstores are just buying from Amazon though.

@thomasfuchs The old BASIC manuals tend to be pretty good, based on what I've seen.

Some of the programming advice is questionable at times, though.

@devrandom @Gargron @thegibson I am NOT looking forward to the federal election at all. Of course I'll vote, but jebuz...

To become an American every child at age 6 must eat this entire meal, those that fail to do so are given to Canada.

Cayenne missed me over the weekend, I guess. She forced herself here while I was trying to work.

Guess I'll install Open or LibreOffice. Blech.

Judging for the science fair is great, except for the fact that the feedback forms are in docx format.

@thegibson Yeah, outlines are important.

The music was a little prominent at the beginning. Voice sounded decent.

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