For some reason I am totally in the mood for Korean BBQ.

@thomasfuchs Seeing D&D books at the large bookstore chain in Canada was the biggest shock to me. I thought that would never happen.

"If you can’t be certain what data Microsoft collects or how the company will use it, then you can’t give informed consent."

@mwlucas @sungo I'll talk to some academics as well for advice and guidance. Your advice is greatly appreciated. I know precious little about the world of book publishing. Your FAQ is helpful. Thanks!

@mwlucas @sungo Any knowledge of research text publishing? What I'm looking at working on is basically a thesis, but after talking to some academics, they advised going the book route.

I will say that I am stubborn, but not so stubborn as to go entirely against the grain for the sake of principles.

I think I've got a handle on focussing and settled on some reasonable camera settings. Next up: software and post-processing.

If there's a clear night this week, I'll try to get a decent shot of Jupiter.

Experimenting with the camera on the telescope last night and took a picture of the Toronto skyline.

@sungo Depending on what you are using to publish it, yes.

I'm going to see how difficult it is to avoid all that.

@libc I don't even want to know how to use it correctly.

I'm happy with LaTeX.

Ya know, an awful lot of self-publishing advice is "how to use Microsoft Word".

And yes, I am well aware of the pain involved in writing and self-publishing a book.

The book would probably take me a few years to write, but I already knew that.

I think this book is gonna happen...

Getting positive reinforcement from influential friends and acquaintances.

@ryen Soon to be recruited by law enforcement everywhere.

@sungo I have yet to figure out a system for this. There are a few things I can "just do", even when I'm really tired. I try to stick to those.

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