That "Compromised" post about crypto money garbage 

Probably my favourite thing in this frankly amazing post that borders on performance art but almost certainly isn't, is that the he laments the loss of his NFTs, yet posts the images of them.

If this is the future of money, then we're utterly fucked.

Finally looking at the new Apple machines. Looks like they fixed the regressions they introduced. I don't get that notch thing, but whatever.

I see no need to rush out an buy one just because they're new. I will say that when my wife's Surface Book dies (probably won't be too long), one of these new M1 Pros will almost certainly be her new machine.

In other news, I will be needing a new battery for my ThinkPad soon.

Liking S2 of For All Mankind but I have to call out the beginning of E4. No one should be making bacon and eggs that way.

Say what you will about Zuboff's book, it's well-written for the first 100 pages, at least.

Oooooo.. DUO update. It has cards now.

Be still my beating heart.

Any possible blockchain application with actual value will be corrupted by the essential nature of the infrastructure upon which it is built.

Was reading a book when my cat kicked me out of my chair.

Need a shower anyway, so being a pushover for my cats isn't so bad.

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