Time to sleep. Not only am I tired, but the weather may cooperate in the morning such that I'll be able to observe Mercury.

Or will we celebrate the passing of the pandemic with an orgy of consumption and a drive to get back to the way things were before the crisis?


@jonw Oh, and their coronavirus coverage is not behind a paywall.

@jonw There will be foibles in The Globe too, but Andre Picard seems to be pretty on top of things and isn't in it for the clicks.

It feels less sensationalized there.

The business columns are where you will find dragons.

@jonw I find The Globe to be better at summarizing things than the CBC right now, too.

@jonw You out east?

I'd rather not watch Doug Ford give a speech, but I agree that if I'm going to watch something, it will be the original press conference.

I have a friend who is partially involved in the public health response so I tend to know basically what is going to be announced before it is announced.

@jonw I don't watch any live or even recorded coverage of the news conferences. I've been reading The Globe and CBC and most of what I've read is sane and level-headed, although I can tell the pundits are getting a little frazzled.

I can only imagine that broadcast coverage is... bad.

@julienxx I've played this once or twice, but I could never convince my wife to switch away from cribbage to try it out.


@julienxx There are also many scoring opportunities, so there are many changes to the score.

But honestly, I've tried many two player games and cribbage has been the best.

@julienxx It can, it's just you can go through a lot of paper. It's a good game, so you may play a lot. :)

@julienxx Cribbage is a great one, if you have a pegboard to help keep score.

Uh oh... family members are sending me YouTube videos about COVID-19.

I may be in for a long day.

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