@cr1901 @libc I'm not picky about it because this is for setups where I have the source code. The problem is that the compiler doesn't output assembler (or I don't know how to get it) so I have to use a map file and a disassembler to get what I need.

ndisasm seems like it will be pretty good.

@libc It looks like the evaluation version is only for Pro, and it doesn't seem to support DOS Extender executables.

I don't think the Home version supports it either. :(


@libc I should be more specific.

It really should be free and relatively lightweight. It does not need to be all that great. Basically, something as crude as DEBUG.EXE would probably be fine.

Anyone know a program that will disassemble or unassemble MS-DOS executables on Linux?

I know there are a lot of disassemblers out there, but it's really unclear which ones support old MS-DOS executables.

@technomancy @endomain I don't recall ever seeing one either, aside from already shortened URLs when posted.

@docskrzyk And it wasn't done quickly for the sake of the performance art, but just because of other constraints.

I watched it and cracked up when his synth came in. :D

@docskrzyk I saw him interviewed about it. For the 2001 thing I linked, he said it was done very quickly and they didn't know about it ahead of time and were told afterwards. For the most part, no one seemed to care, which he found very funny.

Did you know H. Jon Benjamin (the voice of Archer) has a jazz album?

Also, did you know he doesn't know how to play an instrument?


I hate how many "inspirational" stories are all "oh well I was supposed to be a lawyer like my father but I very bravely decided to open a restaurant!" like fuck off

Oddly, it appears to be the compiler's fault for the bad news.

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Good news: I was able to setup DOSemu2 and run an old compiler and use a version of DEBUG to unassemble it. Yay!

Bad news: My PATH resets whenever I run anything.

MASTER BOOT RECORD released some free tracks recently (I think you have to have been a supporter on Bandcamp) and it's all covers of video game music from the glory days of gaming for me.

It is wonderous.

The desire to work on something that I would really appreciate outweighs my extreme dislike of modern web development.

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Save me, I just might be working with a Node app in my spare time soon.

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