@rgx @sungo That NYT article I posted was well over twice the length with the parameters (that clearly don't add anything).

I like to think I'm a courteous netizen because I strip off all the utm and such parameters on the links I post.

@jerephil @ryen Unless it's really bad, I give a show between 3-10 episodes. In that range is when I know whether I want to keep watching.

@ryen @jerephil I have heard a wide variety of opinions on this.

No plans to get Disney+, regardless.

@jonw Hey, neat. I may have to check that out. Thanks.

@thegibson I was thinking you'd enjoy this description as I read it.

@djsundog As an apartment dweller, I break down my cardboard for recycling and occasionally invite people who live on my floor over for drinks.

It doesn't take much!

@thegibson Those kinds of meetings are the least fun of all meetings.

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