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@thegibson And suddenly, a bunch of NIN is queued up in my local playlist.

Imagine that.

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@thegibson I know the feeling all too well.

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@thegibson Oh, this is a good track.

@erosdiscordia @lori My grandfather had a farm and I started working on it when I was about 10. He sold it a few years later and I continued to work for local farmers. I worked in it for about 10 summers.

Here's a documentary from way back about it. It's the town where I grew up, but about 20+ years before I was born. The process used when I did it was different, but not too different. More automated.

@erosdiscordia @lori Although I will admit to having a cigar on a rare occasion. But you don't inhale those.

@erosdiscordia @lori I grew up harvesting tobacco. Cured tobacco is one of life's greatest smells. It is just heavenly.

Smoking it is an entirely different matter. And then cigarettes companies will load it up with other stuff (because raw tobacco is pretty harsh).

I'm amazed I didn't become a smoker. Nearly everyone else around me did it.

@lori I remember going to McDonald's as a kid and my dad got a McDLT. He was having a cigarette with it.

He also remarked, upon opening the (styrofoam!) McDLT container, "Do they not give you a fucking fork for this thing?"

@erosdiscordia @lori There was a Tim Horton's in the place I grew up that had a room exclusively for those who wanted to smoke at the restaurant. It was a glass room and it was utterly disgusting how dirty it got.

@lori McDonald's with cigarettes. That was a luxury outing for me as a kid.

Blockchain is why I think Web3 is a complete joke, and why I am really perturbed by the Intenet Archive's seeming love of it. The Internet Archive wants decentralization without understanding what it is. They are in love with the term. And that makes me seriously question their leadership.

@lori When smoking stopped in bars here around 2003, I was amazed at how much better everything smelled.

When I grew up, smoking was allowed everywhere. I didn't realize how dirty it was, despite the fact I didn't do it.

Unlike distributed redundancy, subsidiarity often increases efficiency by leveraging trust, rather than reducing efficiency to eliminate the need for trust.

This is bang on, I think, and why I think anything blockchain based is doomed to fail.

@lori Look up GLH (Great Looking Hair) for what might be peak Ronco goofiness.

@lori Ronco was always a joke when I was growing up, yet somehow he kept shilling junk into the 2000s.

@mdhughes Pretty sure it's a Joel, but curse you for making two choices.

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