I admit to being mystified by entire projects to define your shell prompt.

re: uspol 

@mdhughes It's at a truly insane level, and I lived through the Reagan years.

@TechnicolorRainbow And since the voting was a tie, we'll be discussing Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson on Thursday, July 1 at 20:00 EDT.

This is only 3 weeks after the other book, but since there's lot of advance warning and many people have already read it, I think this enough time.

We'll meet on Jitsi. Reminders will be sent out occasionally.


@TechnicolorRainbow We'll discuss Afterwar, by @lilithsaintcrow on Thursday, June 10 at 20:00 EDT. Note that reading the book is not required for participation, but if you don't read it and join the discussion, there's a spoiler alert in effect.

Here's the site for the book. And yes, the author is on the fedi!


We'll meet on Jitsi, as usual. Periodic reminders will be sent out.


Worthwhile read about risk.

If you do some math, if another 6.8 million people who might have gotten J&J went unvaccinated altogether, some 11,564 of them might die of COVID— to stop one one possible death.


Might as well get that 64GB of RAM since ECC is no longer an option.

Hands up if you just grab a couple of socks to wear, not caring if they match.

someone's turned the PIC32MX170 into a little home computer, with VGA output... only instead of BASIC like the Maximite family, or Forth like the Fignition and noPC, its top level language is C.

that's interpreted C. from source. not even compiled to bytecode first or anything.


i'm not sure whether this is a stroke of genius or a fool's errand, but all praise to KnivD for doing it!

@sudoneuron @TechnicolorRainbow I decided that we'll do Afterwar first, then Snow Crash.

We just read a Stephenson book so we'll just delay the next one a bit.

@thegibson @theruran I found out the CPU I got doesn't support ECC recently, so I'm going all out and maxing out the RAM because if I can't have ECC, I'll at least have a lot.

@TechnicolorRainbow Since there's no official procedure in the event of a tie, I'm going to go with this.

We'll read Afterwar, by Lilith Saintcrow for the next meeting, and Snow Crash for the one after that.

Details forthcoming.

Bad Day. Send Funny Pictures of Your Pets. 

Just what it says on the CW.

Boost this. It's been a long weekend or cringing and family drama and I could use some silly right now.

Other people probably could too.

re: Family, conspiracy theories, covid 

@vortex_egg That's my first thought whenever I hear this sort of thing. I feel terrible for the kids.

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