Any recommendations for a local bookmark server/system that isn't awful to set up?

It's only for personal use. "Cloud" is unnecessary. If it's web-based, something that goes in cgi-bin would be sufficient. Even a decent Firefox plugin is fine.

@calvin Mixture, although most of the time it's inline or bottom post is replying.

I don't do email on a phone, by the way.

@ink_slinger @FssOfDeath @m4iler Total aside: I love this conversation. I have nothing meaningful to add, but thanks for it nonetheless.

@orbitz Helvetica (and probably others) was using the bitmap version. I adjusted ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf to reject bitmap fonts and things got better. I copy all the relevant TTF fonts from my Windows and Mac machines so I almost don't need the font installation packages, but they get installed and it's not worth the effort to get rid of them.

As a side effect, I am no longer using Emacs purely in a terminal. Slightly conflicted about that.

Decided to start using FreeBSD as a desktop OS again. Emacs X Window Manager ftw.

Fonts are still kinda lame compared to Win10 and macOS, but at least I'm not using bitmap ones anymore.

@thegibson @socialskeleton Don't make me send the Trade Federation (or was that the Ferengi?) after you.

Apress, being a bunch of jerks.

I've tried every combination of those checkboxes and I keep getting their ridiculous offers. Seriously, look at the junk being pumped out.

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I'm really happy to help Canada Learning Code, but I wish they would stop writing this sort of thing.

"The web without HTML and CSS would be would be a world without colourful, pretty websites, not to mention the web applications we all use daily. It’s easy to learn, and was designed so that everyone - even non-programmers - can do it."

@EdgarAllanFoe I think my resolution is to get rid of mine and not replace it. Have to convince the wife.

i wonder how long until someone runs a non-existent candidate for president solely on the internet, and the person is a rendering like those fake instagram people.

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