It's not storming now, but the rain is coming down pretty hard. So I wasn't entirely wrong.

@allan The sample we had was surprisingly good. But we did get a small wedge. Will report back.

@mdhughes My wife and I sampled it at the store. We looked at each other and both said, "This actually tastes like beer!"

@FssOfDeath They can, but they probably won't. My case was probably an outlier. I heard other had the same issue but it was resolved reasonably fast.

My ticket was "accidentally resolved", which doesn't make sense given what appears on the ticket. I used the "live chat" feature to try make things happen, but in both cases my concern seemed to go to /dev/null.

I was calm and measured in my feedback, but I did say that their service was "abysmal". That's about all I can do.

@thegibson We had a day that was a) above 20C and b) somewhat humid. First day like that in a long time. (That's what it's supposed to be like this time of year.)

Time to throw on some Boards of Canada and get back into writing some stuff in Common Lisp. Man, do I miss working in that.

@thegibson Weather has been sucking here too, but at least it stopped raining recently. Now it's just really windy.

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@allan @ink_slinger This is a side effect of thinking goverment should be run like a business. Business optimizes for the short term. (They say they don't but that's a lie because it's all about the next quarterly results.) If the results are not immediately good, then they have little interest in doing them.

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