Happy Thanksgiving to my American fedi friends!

It's not a holiday here but I really don't feel like doing anything tonight.

@jautero The problem is that the assembler is running out of memory so I have to split the file up. And it's not designed for that.

Also, there appear to be some line ending issues that I haven't diagnosed yet.

@jautero The act of getting it to compile. Both Small C and DOS suck. :)

Trying to get Small C to compile on a DOS system and it's pretty awful.

@bamfic @banjofox @ryen @thegibson To be fair, if you start your sentence with "Muslims..." the two are probably indistinguishable.

@ethicsperoxide The one on the left is the bad version. The one on the right is correct. Same compiler, different versions.

They are 8080 instructions, in case you were curious.

Not cyberpunk at all, but I watched The Queen's Gambit and really liked it.

The wife and I also watched all of The Undoing save for the last episode last night. Really good storytelling.

And I'm working my way through The Good Lord Bird. I've not seen anything like it in a while.

@ryen @thegibson @banjofox I bet the DMs are such a mess of distorted logic you'd have no idea if they were real or not.

Installing DOS 3.31. Again.

Seems the hard drive images get messed up somehow. I think I'm going to have to debug that. Not gonna be fun.

@mike This is so me.

I had to cull my book collection by half when I moved last time. Really don't want to do that again.

@mike I almost, almost, want to read it again just to see how I feel about it.

@GeoffWozniak I am, as near as I can tell, the exact same age as the mythical figure who set up all the stuff the protagonist is running through.

Every single nostalgic checkpoint and note hit me square in the brain and I have never felt so crassly and overtly emotionally manipulated by a book.

Again, if I hadn't been in a literal desert with nothing else to read, I would have thrown it away after a couple of chapters.

I found a bug in the compiler!


The compiler is from 1985!

@ryen @thegibson Just a little nonce salt on there to make it taste great.

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