Just messing around with the telescope and camera. Got an okay shot of M13.

A couple of shots from the top of a decent sized peak on the most difficult hike I've ever done. It was more than 11kms and took just under 6 hours to do. The elevation was tough and the trail was not obvious. Almost got lost a couple of times.

It was the greatest hike so far. 🙂​

Two weeks since removal of teeth and the vet says her mouth looks "amazing". The ordeal may finally be over!

Caya (aka Lil' Toothless, aka Gummy) is doing very well. She is big on rest at the moment. She also drools a lot and has trouble grooming herself, but it's not serious.

Resting like a champ here.

Caya had surgery to remove all her teeth and is recovering well. Her sister is helping to watch over her.

My little Caya, post surgery. All teeth have been removed! But her mouth should be a lot better soon.

She was incredibly happy to see me.

My cat has a big dental procedure coming up. It should make her mouth feel a lot better.

Based on the look on her face, she may know.

I'm no security expert or anything, but this advice has been said for over 20 years and it never sticks. I think we can safely assume it to be a failure.

And anyone who claims this is the answer can probably be ignored in any security discussion.

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