A service recently forced me to reset my password recently, so I asked them:

Was there an incident that caused passwords to be reset? Was an analysis done on passwords to determine their "strength" such that mine was deemed unfit?

I eventually got this back.

It in fact is exactly what you had guessed. We implemented some measures such as this one to protect yours and all customer information, which is why we had asked you to strengthen your password.


Took them long enough to finally fucking say it.

Selfie with cat 

Caya chillin' out, waiting for food. That's how Caya do.

Two years with our orange girls! Happily, they still get along.

We brought them home on Halloween two years ago. They've been chasing crinkle balls ever since.

And now I have to deal with this horseshit.

Can we take the GPG ecosystem and toss it into the sun at this point? Jesus...

If I published my personal repos, here's a taste of the commit messages you'd see.

I really hate git for personal back up stuff, but it seems to be the only thing people want to use.

My password expired on a site and now it's telling me this nonsense.

First of all, how did it expire? And why? WHYYYYYYY?

Second, for the love of god, implement 2FA of some kind and pitch these pointless rules.

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