Experimenting with the camera on the telescope last night and took a picture of the Toronto skyline.

If you're like me and abhor recommendations from products about other products, even when well intentioned, you can turn off the "Recommended Extensions" in the Firefox Add-ons page by setting


to "false" in about:config.

IBM is officially the worst online account experience I've had. Getting rid of an account I created (when I worked there!) has been a never-ending annoyance.

Cayenne had to have some blood drawn today because she's going to be going under general anesthetic to get her teeth cleaned. She does not do well with this, so we had to give her a sedative before the appointment and.... she did not like it. So she was really stressed, even with the sedative. We put her in the carrier and Habanero tried to get in with her, so she was already missing her sister.

When Cayenne got back, she tried to take the bandage off from the needle (and they had trouble finding a vein!). Haba tried to help her do that, and then when Cayenne calmed down, Haba lay down to comfort her.

These two cats. Two much!

Did they or did they not raid the liquor shelf before I took this photo?

Some shots I got with the telescope this past week.

Sadly, I forgot to pack the camera's battery charger and backup battery, so I had limited time. I didn't get the focus figured out and I over-exposed everything. (It's tricky to do this since you're partly blind when doing it.)

Still, I got better at it. Also, we took a shot of the moon since we had a phone camera mount.

She loves the scratching couch we got them. It's where she sleeps now.

Got my hands on my old 60mm Tasco refractor that I used when I was a kid. Attempting to clean the lens.

It is.... a challenge.

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