She looks sad, but really, she's just groggy. She was purring like a machine.

It's amazing that people put up with this shit. I am convinced the novelty of having a computer made you ignore all the glaring problems with them in the 80s.

Pretty hard to resist that.

(This is the only time I take selfies, btw.)

Anyone know if it's possible to rename a directory in MS-DOS 3.30?

I'm not having any luck with the rename command, and the documentation I can find suggests it isn't possible, but I may be missing something.

If I can't so be it.

While digging through my CDs, I found a couple of classics.

And a bunch of others, too. Windows 98, NT 4.0, Windows 2000, etc.

When I was in school for music production I hung out a bit with a guy who was in a band called The Messiest Toast Eaters.

I'm listening to their only album, "Mr. Detto's Legendary Static Filled Apartment", which, to my knowledge, is not available anywhere. It is one of most enjoyable weirdness albums I've ever listened to.

Here's an example track. The whole thing is like this.

Here's a post-processed version of my shots of the Andromeda Galaxy. It's not what I was going for, but it's still okay.

The weather hasn't been favourable lately, so next time I'm out I'll be going for shots that get the arms better.

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