I am going to veg out today, but I did read this before doing so.

(Apologies for a NYTimes link, but it's a good essay.)


Remember that book, The New Eugenics? I got my copy.

Looks like a humdinger.

cc @silverseams

I was just telling my wife about the templates that mass email uses and lo and behold, I get an excellent example of one.

"Hello consumer! %email%"

I propose we change it to GFD for "Giant Fucking Disaster".

This, right here, is the problem.

Believing that financial incentives are the only useful incentives.

This shit has got to stop.

I got fonts, I got shareware, and I got CLIP ART.

Not just any clip art. DESIGNER CLIP ART.

Had to take this at a distance, but look at the happiness here.

Too bad she decided to take all that goodwill and use it up by jumping on the counter trying to break into her food bag.

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