Here's a UI to put in the hall of shame.

The 2FA part is the "Second Password". There are three valid options, two of which are methods by which to initiate the second factor authorization. The third is a TOTP code.

In other words, what should be a drop down box is a password entry field, obfuscating something that doesn't need to be hidden.

"Please contact us at: application error."

It's not a telemarketing call. They said so themselves!

Lost my cat Olive a year ago today. She grew up being totally attached to me. She also grew up to be 18lbs, so a lot bigger than this.

It's rough when you lose a pet (well, anything, really) suddenly and traumatically. I've lived through a lot of cats, but this one was the toughest.

Time to sip a drink and just meditate a little bit, I think.

I've had a copy of this for years and have never gone looking for an online copy. Turns out I cannot find one anywhere. Bitsavers doesn't seem to have it, nor does If anyone knows of an online copy, please let me know.

It's labelled as RRU 21on the spine and back cover. Copyright 1957 Sperry Rand Corporation.

Time for xclock. (Also, can you tell the xterm launched firefox?)

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