Fuck GnuGP sucks.

"Use it as an ssh-agent."

This happens. Every. Damn. Time.

Nothing was disrupted (and the film was good). We did run into this guy screaming "Lies lies lies" and occasionally "Fuck you!" on the street.

It was really hard to read his sign. It had a lot of things on it. I know part of it said, "Google Touchi, Eat Sushi. Free Mental Patient. Mental Patient Puppet. Bee Happy."

When I hate computers like I do right now, I turn to my cats to feel better.

2FA? Yes please.

Plethora of 2FA apps? No thanks.

(And yes, one service I use forces me to use Google Authenticator.)

This is what we call "Haba face" around here. The cutest little terror cat.

Can't sleep, stomach is bothering me, so here are the Spice Sisters sleeping (or about to fall asleep).

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