Some other pics from this morning's Comet NEOWISE expedition.

Venus, Toronto just before sunrise, and the sunrise.


That face!

Even with the eye problems (that aren't slowing her down at all!).

This is Mr. Kitty. He was my wife's cat when we met and was a stellar companion for 19 years. This is our favourite picture of him, taken a few months before he died. My wife says this picture reveals his soul.

He loved to snuggle with my wife when she slept by curling up in her shoulder under her arm. He was an amazing cat.

First pic is looking at the item with the store I want to pick it up from chosen. It says it's available. Handy! It's close by and faster than shipping.

Go to checkout, now it says it's out of stock. Gee, thanks.


I ruined 20 key switches before I went to the technique that doesn't ruin them. The PCB looks intact, too.

Now to deal with those stabilizers...

Desoldering has taken a new approach.

It's slow, but I am managing to take off the switches without completely destroying them.

I doubt the PCB will be okay, but that's not the end of the world.

I basically don't want to take it apart by smashing it.

What I'm doing is heating up the contact points and pulling on the key switch enough to pry it loose.

It's slow going.

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