Take the time to read this review of Top Gun: Maverick. You will not regret it.

@GeoffWozniak I guess regret is a strong word, but I’m not sure what’s special about this review.

@GeoffWozniak This review is perfect.

``"Top Gun: Maverick" is a 131-minute long advertisement for death. Aggressively unoriginal, wildly irresponsible with its messaging, historically revisionist, and shamelessly jingoistic in the name of providing fellatio to arms dealers. This is a masterwork of propaganda in defense of some of our nation's worst traits, and it's an enormous success. I left the theater depressed and forlorn.``

Go USA. 🤮

@GeoffWozniak At the same time, I must admit that I am usually shamelessly uncritical about the deeper meaning of the stupid blockbuster movies I watch. But I often have this sick feeling in my stomach after watching them that I'm a worse person than I was before the movie started. This review is enough to prevent me watching this dreck.

@GeoffWozniak Have you ever eaten two Big Macs in a row? It's the same feeling.

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