Anyone know a Masto instance for gardeners? It might be the gateway for my wife to get off FB.

@bremner @GeoffWozniak not strictly gardening but I've seen gardeners on otherwise I don't really know because I don't pay much attention to any instances besides the one I'm on.


I don't know of a specific instance, but I've seen a lot of plant posting people doing so under the #florespodence hashtag.

Might be a place to look.

@GeoffWozniak yooooo what a great idea. ...actually I think there might be one but it's not coming to me atm

@GeoffWozniak Not aware of dedicated instances, sorry. But I think your wife might find value in #Trunk:, specifically its “Gardening” and “Plants” sections.

@GeoffWozniak Maybe there's a group on Friendica somewhere? It's supposed to be more Facebook-like and might make the transition easier for her.

Your wife can #follow @plants and mention it everytime she posts about #plants. If I remember correctly, that'll allow posts to be seen by others following that account. So in a way, they're like a Mastodon #plant group. Hashtags are useful too for letting others find her posts.

@GeoffWozniak no. is more for foodies but there are quite a few gardeners on it. I'd start one but the time/finances aren't there right now.

@GeoffWozniak So far I havent found one, but would love an instance for all things nature, gardening, plants, lakes, seas etc.

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