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How the mighty have fallen.

@GeoffWozniak you're not kidding… what a dumpster fire…

@GeoffWozniak The Clown Prince of the Joseon Empire's found an all new form of "IRC", I see. is so much nicer than Freenode was, too, all the technical shit got updated.

@GeoffWozniak wow. I guess this is why we can't have nice things.

@GeoffWozniak What was the other server created to replace it? I forgot.

@GeoffWozniak ahahaha omg please tell me that's some sort of joke xD

At least seems to still work 😜

@GeoffWozniak take a look at too

"Officially become digital territory of the Joseon Empire √"


@waythingsworked @GeoffWozniak oh yeah, he had this whole thing. Basically proclaimed Freenode to be a "digital autonomous zone", and the actual servers (after a dozen CNAMEs) were under He sort of had himself declared as the heir to the defunct Korean throne a few years back, which is where this comes from, I think

@GeoffWozniak how do you just replace an entire service with a new Twitter account advertising said service?
That's just taking your service as an entire joke.

@GeoffWozniak @steve Not for me. Still the same ever-worsening trash pseudo-forum it’s been for a few months.

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