Fun music story 

When I was in college for music production, I went to see a movie and got off the bus outside a local record store. A classmate who I sort of knew was working there and was just getting off work when I got off the bus.

Classmate: "How ya doing? What are you downtown for?"

Me: "Doing fine. Going to see a movie."

Classmate: "Oh yeah? What movie?"

Me: "To Die For"

Classmate: "Oh, cool. Watch the credits."

About a third of the way through the movie I swear I recognize the classmate I just talked in the movie -- and they had a speaking part! Sure enough, their name was in the credits.

I bought a copy of their band's album and I'm not sure I ever really listened to it.

Well, I just listened to it now and... it's clearly a first attempt.

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