Ping to @TechnicolorRainbow on having a discussion on Zuboff's book. We still up for some time this weekend?

@GeoffWozniak @TechnicolorRainbow I can spend some time to chat this weekend.

Incidentally the article I posted last night on digital consent has a section that discusses some of Zuboff’s ideas, for those who haven’t read the book. (See the section titled “The political economy of digital consent”, pages 3-4,

@vortex_egg @TechnicolorRainbow It's on the top of my reading pile. I want to read that before the discussion!

@vortex_egg @TechnicolorRainbow Saturday some time is good with me. Any preferences? Anyone?

We can aim for a time that is friendly for those in Europe, if there are people there who want to participate.

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