Audio on Linux is still a dumpster fire, but at least I got it working well enough that I can probably forget about it for a while.

@Linux_in_a_Bit I'm setting it up without a desktop environment, which is particularly awful.

@GeoffWozniak @Linux_in_a_Bit Did you find any guides to how to do that? I wouldn't have any idea where to start.

@GeoffWozniak Because I've been seeing so much positive commenting about pipewire recently, I'm very tempted to give it a go.

@kinetix @GeoffWozniak oh, I've half-daydreamed about setting that up and learning how that stuff works... but, I got distracted with the folly that is wondering if I can do LFS ("Linux From Scratch")

also distracted by a bunch of other stuff to be fair

@autumnal @kinetix I'm using cmus to play music through a sound bar I have connected via SPDIF. I tried PulseAudio and Pipewire. I ended up setting the output device to ALSA and finally realized that the channel was muted. Once unmuted, it played.

That's the extent of what I wanted. It took far too long to get to that point. (Side note: alsamixer sucks.) I can play music with cmus through the sound bar. Now I'll step away and never touch it.

"Intuitive" stuff like you need to use aplay to get a list of devices is really the Linux audio system in a microcosm.

@GeoffWozniak @autumnal I'm curious, though, what would make alsamixer better? I always thought it was -ok-, at least it was pretty simple and did it's thing.

aplay to find alsa devices is definitely extremely lame.

Also, if all you wanted was a player that simple, would it not have been easiest just to leave things with alsa from the get-go? I guess maybe there's a story on how you got down what sounds like a kind of gruesome road.

@kinetix @autumnal I would appreciate the advertised keybindings in alsamixer to actually work. (Although now it doesn't seem to crash when I hit F6, maybe because I changed the default card /etc/alsa/conf.d.)

I originally wanted the ability to plug in the headphones and switch the device when plugged in, but after trying to use each of Jack, PulseAudio, and Pipewire, I just gave up on that requirement and set up a streaming server instead. Giving up on those meant I could get by with just ALSA.

@autumnal @GeoffWozniak Heh, I understand the distractions bit, that's for sure.

How did LFS go? I haven't tried, but I wonder if building gentoo stage1 and 2's counts...

I got enough other things self-piled on my list today that I didn't get to pipewire yet. Boo.
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