Started reading Evgeny Morozov's critique of Zuboff's book and I definitely have thoughts.

@vortex_egg Mainly how much breadth there is to the review. It's not so much a critique of the book as it is a critique of Zuboff's approach to the material.

My feeling at this point is that the he finds the book is good within its frame of reference, but that the frame of reference is the wrong one to take.

Still have about half of it to read. (It's quite long...)

@vortex_egg The fact that he is basically critiquing her other books at the same time is the real signal. :)

@GeoffWozniak @vortex_egg Do you have a link to the critique, is it an article or another book itself? (I still haven't worked my way down the stack to Zuboff yet).

@GeoffWozniak @lordbowlich I hate this author’s writing style. I can only describe it as “argument through smarmy association.” Like the points they are trying to make are achieved through cheekily holding two things up next to each other and then vaguely insinuating that their proximity (actualized only through the author’s own words) is somehow *a problem*.

@vortex_egg @lordbowlich There are some really good points in the critique. That said, I can't help but come away with the feeling that the author really wishes it was his book that was written, not Zuboff's.

I think your categorization is accurate.

Saving more for the discussion on Tuesday, or afterwards.

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