Emacs and poor project decisions 

Doing a clean slate restart on my Emacs config. Most of what I had before was fine, but I decided it was time to take Ivy over Helm.

I'm going with Ivy mostly because Helm (which I have used for a while) has decided that the "correct" way to install it is to use an entirely new package management system, or install with Git. This is a bad sign because it is optimizing for the developers, not the users.

Here are two key benefits listed for this new package manager: "Packages are cloned as Git (or other) repositories, not as opaque tarballs" and "Powerful interactive workflows for performing bulk maintenance on the Git repositories for your packages".

How is this any better than what the current package manager is doing from the user's perspective? Now I have to manage git repositories. You are making the false assumption that I want to work on the internals.

This is another demonstration of a key mistake many open source projects make: thinking that everyone who uses the project also wants to be a developer on the project.

re: Emacs and poor project decisions 

@GeoffWozniak I'm already updating spacemacs via git so this is low impact for me personally. But as a project decision, it reeks.

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