With this "Computer, enhance!" garbage put out by Google AI I no longer think of Google and the FAANG as misguided companies hiring smart people. I think they can now be classified as collection naive, willfully ignorant techies run by malevolent managers.

@GeoffWozniak Just look at the news about Facebook's latest image recognition labeling black people as primates... which is a known issue in the field from many years ago with a huge body of research and scholarship around it. There's literally no excuse for them to be releasing something with these issues that have already been addressed unless they are ignorant of the scholarship within the ML field or they don't care or they are doing it intentionally.

@GeoffWozniak @vortex_egg THIS!

Also see one of my favorite #talks about #ethics in #AI by Carina C. Zona:
RubyConf 2015 - Keynote: Consequences of an Insightful Algorithm by Carina C. Zona:
(or YT:

It was 2015(!) and nothing has changed!

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