Conversation piece: name a show or shows you quit watching because they got on your nerves. Not one you got bored of or forgot about, but actively said, "I am done with this."

Here's my list.

  • Breaking Bad
  • Succession
  • His Dark Materials

@nobody I watched and liked the show, but I can totally see that. The characters are tough to like.

@GeoffWozniak two or three seasons in, I totally lost the ability to empathize with them at all. Just totally un-clicked for me


Agree with:

His Dark Materials

Also add:

Star Trek: Discovery
Raised by Wolves

@poncio @GeoffWozniak I get it. I only keep up with it because I'm starved for Trek.

@11backslashes @GeoffWozniak me too, but it got to a point where it was clear that was no "Trek" enough to make me watch more Michael Burnham... (finished Lower decks and cancelled CBS 😂​)

@11backslashes @GeoffWozniak the character... well, characters, in general... too cheesy (in a bad way)

for me to drop a show with any Sci-fi/space ships, it has to really get to my nerves, that character does it

@poncio I almost said Raised by Wolves, but it fell into the "don't care" bucket more than the "this is pissing me off" one.

@GeoffWozniak agree, but truly, the behavior of the main android was really pissing me off.

anyway, you're right, the combination androids+kids tend to fall into the just boring category and the story has very little more to offer 😅​

@poncio It felt like there was more there, but then it just kept piling on the mysteries without explaining much of anything. And since the characters weren't all that compelling, well, that was it for me.

I may idly watch some more some day, but I'm not anxiously awaiting the next season, if it's even happening.

@GeoffWozniak I will wait and see what people say about season 2, but unless it's like: "totally different and awesome", not going back.

The protagonist just became a fucking idiot over time. I guess there were reasons, but they were not compelling to me.

Really edgy, but fun first season gave way to cheesy bullshit that I only put up with because my girlfriend at the time wanted to keep watching.

@11backslashes I stuck it out to the end, but the end was not great.

@GeoffWozniak @11backslashes Dexter S1-4 is awesome, S5-6 are OK, S7-8 are an atrocity. I like the novels better, they're very different, but the show had long stretches of a good story.

I get mad at most adaptations. Preacher, the comic's amazing, the show neuters everything the comic was about. The Boys (also by Garth Ennis!) is like 10% of the comic, why did they even make this if they weren't going to follow the characters & plot?

Half the seasons of American Horror Story are *awful*.

@mdhughes @11backslashes American Horror Story is totally hit and miss. I haven't watched anything past season 6. It doesn't annoy me, but it's not good enough for me to keep watching.

I'm less upset with adaptations because I've mostly not read the original material.

@mdhughes @11backslashes AHS seasons generally start strong but then devolve into total nonsense by the end. Season 1 was solid. I think the one with the circus was decent. The others have their moments but it's surrounded by a bunch of "WTF?".

@GeoffWozniak @11backslashes AHS Murder House & Hotel are some of my favorite shows ever.

AHS Apocalypse pissed me off. Started strong, then replaced everyone with stupid witches and "Satan". Stopped right there.

1984 was fun even after the plot flip.

The rest I've been bored by and either slept thru or gave up early.

@GeoffWozniak @11backslashes I try not to watch adaptations I haven't read source material for. Generally I'm disappointed but not as much as these comic ones. 'zon's Powers show has fuck-all to do with the comics, Sharlto Copley is pathetic as Diamond, but it's OK on its own, so it is possible to write new things that don't suck like Preacher did.

@sudoneuron Not watching any of the shows, but I hear ya. That last movie was forgettable.

@GeoffWozniak Breaking Bad has that effect on me. Couldn’t get through the first season.

@lordbowlich I quit at the beginning of season 5. It was supposed to be great but man, did the whole family plot make me angry (and not in a good way).

I will admit that I quite liked season 4.

@banjofox If we go into Ancient Aliens territory, then I should include Survivor and pretty much any other "reality" show.

@banjofox I thought about checking out Preacher. Now I'm less enthusiastic.


Perhaps I should clarify.

Its a freaking *FANTASTIC* show. I like it better than the graphic novels.

But the *FEELS*... I need to take mental health breaks after some episodes.

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