Book club @TechnicolorRainbow has spoken: next book we'll be discussing is The Cuckoo's Egg, by Clifford Stoll.

Let's say we meet on May 6, 20:00 EDT on jitsi.

@GeoffWozniak @TechnicolorRainbow Arguably the book that got me into hacking on computers. The movie, for reference, was actually Tron. 😏

@docskrzyk @GeoffWozniak @TechnicolorRainbow This is probably my favorite book. And the reason why I think Linux (being so Unix-like) and networks are so cool.

Alas I have no spoons to participate.

But for those that need the book, IIRC there's a PDF of it floating around on the interwebs that can be found with nothing more than a DDG search.

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