“Do you know how hard it is to remove CO2 from the air using the machine? It’s really, really hard. It’s a lot easier just not to put it in there.”

In particular with Oil and Gas that carbon capture can be used to get more oil out of an oil field, prolonging the life of that field. There's no one solution to this. But every time I see Musk now I'm distrusting what he wants to invest in. Never thought I'd be giving Bill Gates a listen.

@GeoffWozniak Elon Musk is the greatest gift to journalism. By this point there's probably a specialty in news reporting - writing rivers of semi-coherent nonsense based on a simple prompt, "Elon Musk said X, therefore X is bad and dangerous and wrong". Pages just view themselves, ad revenue must be through the roof.

@thufie The article addresses that.

Marc Benioff, another billionaire, has advocated for planting 1 trillion trees to address climate change. But that strategy can obscure what trees get planted, where, and how.

@GeoffWozniak my understanding is that this is why it's no joke to change the atmosphere on Mars. It's very rich in CO2.

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