Dear GNU linker,

Your code is awful.

Signed, Me.

@GeoffWozniak linkers are underrated in terms of complexity, people looking at them, and how much they suck

@libc They really are a dark art.

It's pretty amazing how bad the GNU linker is, aside from the fact it supports a bunch of stuff.

@GeoffWozniak tell it to the channel. seems they've been having a hard time with all the GNU coreutils.

@theruran @GeoffWozniak gnu make is mind boggling.

Pretty much anything RMS touches becomes toe jam.

@JoYo @GeoffWozniak 😆​😆​

the bootstrappable group have been debating GNU Make too. I'm not following everything.. but there's a tension between using kaem which is their rudimentary tool that executes lines of commands, and making Make more bootstrappable.

What a mess! honestly. these tools belong in the 70s/80s whence they came, but then again, so does POSIX.

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