I tried pkgsrc out on macOS and wow... what a disaster.

@GeoffWozniak what's fducked up about it? i was considering it, but i use macports

@libc I tried to bootstrap it and because of spaces and backslashes in group names, it fails (it's based entirely on Make). I wrote groups and id wrappers to get past this.

Then when I tried to build the README stuff so I could search, it just... kept going. I let it run for several hours. Eventually I just killed it. I ran the basic search target for make and that took 3 hours to run.

This was on my work machine, so I expect Carbon Black had something to do with that.

I abandoned the source route and went with the binary packages. pkgin -V install .... segfaulted every time. Take away the -V option and it worked.

Then I had no end of trouble reaching the pkgsrc site. I don't know if the site was down but it often failed. When on my work VPN it claims the site is dangerous malware. When off the VPN it just... failed to connect a lot.

Not worth the effort, it seems.

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