sox FAIL formats: no handler for file extension `mp3'

Here is why audio on Linux pisses me off.

@GeoffWozniak id3tag is pretty much my go-to for command line, if I have to do mp3. (My recently-completed re-ripping project was to get everything in FLAC, and metaflac does almost everything I've asked of it.)


@me I am converting flac to mp3 for my wife's iPhone. flac2all is working alright, and I use mid3v2 to adjust/correct the tags.

id3tags isn't even in Ubuntu's package system, which is surprising. Maybe under some non-obvious name...

@me metaflac is what I use when I have to manipulate flac files. It's pretty good.

@GeoffWozniak Have you seen/tried mp3fs? Haven't figured out the incantations to get it to work over NFS yet, but it looks promising.

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